Mondraker MIND allows riders to see how their suspension performs

Mondraker Mind
(Image credit: Mondraker)

Telemetry has become increasingly popular and important for correctly setting up mountain bike suspension. Racers spend hours upon hours testing and adjusting their suspension. However, the technology to do this has not been readily available to the public. 

Mondraker is looking to fix this with their MIND system. MIND is a GPS telemetry system that records suspension data and sends it to a corresponding smartphone app. Mondraker's MIND technology will be available on its 2021 Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon making them a serious choice for those looking for the best enduro bike for racing and serious riding. 

“Offering World Cup technology to non-professional riders is our target," said Luís Martínez, Global Product Manager at Mondraker. It’s been an uphill struggle to develop an integrated system which offers simple and comprehensible data for all types of rider but we’ve done it. Obtaining real information from one of the least understood parts of a bike will allow our riders to unlock the full potential of their bikes."

Mondraker Mind

(Image credit: Mondraker)

The MIND system is composed of two sensors, one at the front of the bike and one at the rear. The front sensor, which sits inside the headtube, doubles as the master unit which controls and routes all of the collected information. The front sensor communicates with a magnet located on the back of the left fork leg and measures fork travel at 100 times per second when the bike is moving. It also measures fork sag at 5000 times per second. The process works the same on the rear of the bike, with a sensor and magnet collecting data from the rear suspension. 

Riders can use these features to adjust sag and other suspension settings. But more impressively, riders have access to tools that have never before been available to the general public. For example, you can see where on your ride your suspension bottomed out and pinpoint it on a map. You could also see how your suspension performed on one trail compared to another and adjust your suspension accordingly. These comprehensive features are going to appeal to racers and riders looking to optimize suspension setup for a particular race track or local trail. 

Once the ride is completed the information is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the myMondraker app on the rider's smartphone. The system also uses inbuilt GPS to record your rides which can then be shared via fitness apps like Strava. 

Another interesting feature is an anti-theft alarm. Since the bike has a GPS connected to it, it will be easier for riders to locate their bike in case it gets stolen. 

The whole system only weighs 199g and doesn't add any extra cabling or components that could be prone to damage. The battery lasts for 20 hours of continuous use or 15 days on standby. The front and rear units are charged individually via USB C which means you will need to be able to get your bike close to an electrical outlet. The corresponding Mondraker MIND app is available for both IOS and Android phones and Mondraker has a website portal to review ride data on a computer. 

The system is currently available on seven different models across the Foxy Carbon enduro bike and Crafty Carbon enduro e-MTB ranges. 

Ryan Simonovich

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