Mondraker present their 2023 bike collection with a statement of intent

Mondraker XC F Podium Mountain Bike
(Image credit: Mondraker)

Mondraker presents its 2023 collection with a statement of intent, claiming it to be the greatest line up in Mondraker's history. As the Spanish brand aims to continue moving forward with their biggest advancement in technological performance and evolution to date.

For more than 20 years, Mondraker has been known for producing high-quality bikes with distinctive riding DNA that aims to go above and beyond the expectations of any rider. 

There new models across the catalog including e-bikes, downhill mountain bikes, XC and enduro mountain bikes, an all-new urban model and children's models.

To maximize performance on the trails or throughout your everyday commute, their models come with a variety of patented technologies like Forward Geometry, the Zero Suspension system, or the extremely impressive MIND

MIND is Mondraker's innovative system for setting the suspension of your bike and when used with the myMondraker app it gives you a wealth of other data. An exciting addition for data geeks, the system not only manages your suspension set-up but gives a plethora of other details on your ride, including max suspension travel for both front and rear, total distance, average speed, elevation gain etc. Together with all important stats like how far you jumped and how much airtime you got.

New model Mondraker mountain bike

(Image credit: Mondraker)

Mondraker emphasizes this range as their best, with all new models in aluminum like the Raze and the Chrono DC. They also bring a reinvention of the urban commuter with a nod to mountain bike DNA in the Chaser Urban Cross range. There is a leap forward in their e-bike technology with updated systems from Bosch and Shimano. 

The Mondraker website has already been updated with all the models from the 2023 range and we took a closer look into some of the new models and the technology behind them.

Trail bikes

First up is the new trail orientated Raze, now in aluminum and an update of one of the Mondraker's best sellers in 2022. The original Raze had a carbon frame and the brand has made a logical step forward by presenting the model in alloy. 

The new Raze alloy series is made of two trail bikes the Race R and Race, both run 150mm travel forks and combined with 130mm rear travel that both use the Mondraker Zero Suspension System. The system is claimed to offer improved shock absorption capacity and efficient pedaling. They hope these models which share the same geometry as the Raze Carbon, but with a more affordable price tag will become a bestseller.

Mondraker Raze Race R mountain BIke

Mondraker Raze Race R (Image credit: Mondraker)

Downhill bikes

Mondraker's passion is downhill, delivering bikes renowned for low weight, shock absorption and stiffness, their downhill bikes over the years have marked the style and history of the brand.

For 2023 they bring the Summum, with two new carbon and two new aluminum models all with updated colors and specifications. 

The Summum models also include Mondraker’s best new technologies such as Forward Geometry, Zero Suspension System and MIND.

With 29-inch wheels as standard, there’s also a mullet option with a 29-inch front wheel and a 27.5-inch rear wheel. It includes a geometry change kit for better customization as standard on the top-of-the-range Summum Carbon RR model and is optional for the rest of the range. 

Mondraker Summum RR downhill bike

Mondraker Summum RR Downhill (Image credit: Mondraker)

Enduro and super enduro bikes

In the enduro and super enduro range comes another potential star, the Superfoxy in carbon and aluminum. The aim to deliver that sought after enduro combination of pace, climbing ability and descending prowess.

The Superfoxy comes in either carbon or aluminum versions and has updated colors and specifications for 2023, with two models in carbon and two in aluminum. All models feature 160mm of rear travel and 170mm of front fork travel from the prestigious Swedish suspension brand Öhlins, present in three of the four models with the Fox suspension in the other.

An iconic favorite of the enduro range is the Foxy with three carbon and two aluminum versions, again with all the updated colors and specifications, along with all the patented Mondraker technology mentioned. They also offer 150mm of rear travel and 160mm up front, except for the 170mm top-of-the-range Foxy carbon XR model. These models also feature Öhlins and Fox suspension.

Mondraker Super Foxy R Mountain bike

Mondraker Super Foxy R (Image credit: Mondraker)

Urban cross bikes

Another exciting addition is the all-new Urban Cross range with the new Chaser in its RX and X models, these are aimed to be a perfect daily commuter, electric, with full suspension. Capable of leaving the tarmac behind if a rider wishes.

Both models are equipped with lights, mudguards, a luggage rack and the versatility of the 2.6-inch Maxxis Ikon tires. The top-of-the-range Chaser RX comes equipped with a 750Wh battery and the Chaser X with a 625Wh battery. 

The Chaser RX model uses the Bosch Smart System with the System Controller device integrated into the top tube and comes with a nifty Bluetooth Mini Remote control that combined with the Bosch app gives a whole host of additional features including the assistance mode, control of the lights, the Walk Assist for when you push your bike, and the control of the external display. These new features appear across the range of electric e-MTBs also.

Mondraker Chaser x Urban bike

Mondraker Chaser X Urban (Image credit: Mondraker)

Cross-country bikes

There are three Pure XC ranges for 2023. The F-Podium DC took wins in the first three races of the 2022 World Cup season ridden by Rebecca McConnell. The F-Podium is there for riders who want the perfect machine to train on and compete in cross-country races and the Podium is for the rider looking for the unique and quick reactions of a hardtail. 

The Mondraker technologies mentioned are all involved and can potentially make these models a benchmark on the international XC circuit and for 2023 with 8 models available.

Mondraker F podium DC mountain bike

Mondraker F Podium DC (Image credit: Mondraker)

XC Pro bikes

The 2023 XC Pro range in both carbon and aluminum is pitched at riders who want to get the most out of their bikes and seek that extra touch of comfort during the more technical trails. In addition to the Chrono and Chrono carbon, this season they will also have the new Chrono DC with a 120mm travel fork, 2.4-inch tires and promises to be a more aggressive hardtail.

Mondraker Chrono dc mountain bike

Mondraker Chrono DC (Image credit: Mondraker)

Children's bikes

Finally, the range for the little ones has been maintained for 2023 with colors and specifications being updated, with the Mondraker’s technology concentrated into a reduced format. Both the F-PLAY and PLAY models come in an E-bike option with the Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35 motor system in combination with an internal 250Wh battery. 

Mondraker kids mountain bike

Mondraker 26-inch kids (Image credit: Mondraker)

Frame only

As in every season, for 2023 their main models are available in frame-only options. For all those riders who want to build their own Mondraker bike from the ground up, they offer a frame-only option of top-of-the-range models, both in aluminum and carbon, including some of their e-MTB range.

Mondraker Foxy frame in yellow

Mondraker Super Foxy frame (Image credit: Mondraker)

Mondraker have dropped an extensive array of models and options to suit all riders and as stated are all available to view and delve deeper into at

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