Garmin Edge 540 and 840 GPS computers to get solar and more, here's what we know

Garmin 840
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It looks as if Garmin is gearing up to release some new GPS computers as US retailer Adorama leaks details on the brand-new Garmin Edge 540 and 840. 

Garmin makes some of the best GPS computers for mountain biking and after the release of its updated halo model, the Garmin Edge 1040, there has been much speculation as to when the 840 and 540 would follow suit.

Keep reading as we breakdown everything you need to know about the new Edge 540 and 840 models.

Garmin 540

Garmin 540 gets a number of updates including riding and training metrics (Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin 540 and 540 Solar details

The big headline here is that Garmin has rolled out solar charging to the Edge 540. Solar charging is now featured across many of the brand's best smartwatches and was first introduced to GPS computers with the 1040. Considering Garmin offers solar charging on its affordable Instinct 2 adventure watch, it's not a huge surprise to see this feature added to the 540 and 840.

The battery life of the Solar model under "demanding use" is said to be up to 32 hours (with 75,000 lux of sunlight), or 26 hours for the standard, non-solar model. The previous 530 was quoted at 20 hours, so both 540 models are seeing a health boost in battery life. Switch to battery saving mode and the 540 is said to achieve 42 hours or up to 60 hours with solar which can also add up to 25 minutes per hour in battery saver mode

GPS accuracy also sees a bump in performance with multi-band GNSS technology which should improve tracking when riding in dense woods and deep valleys. Mapping is also said to be improved, featuring ride type-specific maps that highlight popular roads and trails plus searchable points of interest.

It looks as if there will be a bunch of new training and ride metric features as well. The ClimbPro feature has received an update and there is a new power guide aspect, which recommends power targets throughout a course when paired with your compatible power meter

Another useful feature coming to the 540 is Stamina Insights, which uses data from your heart rate monitor or power meter to estimate how much effort you have left in the tank. Perfect for gauging and managing effort on big days out.

Garmin Edge 840 smart bike computer

A listing for the unreleased 840 Solar model (Image credit: Future)

Garmin 840 and 840 Solar details

The Garmin 8-Series computers are usually just a 5-Series device with the addition of a touchscreen and it looks as if Garmin has stuck with this formula.

Apart from the touchscreen, there is one glaring difference between the 840 and 540 devices. The 840 and 840 Solar both have 32Gb of internal storage compared to the 540's 16Gb. Presumably, this increased memory space indicates that the 840 will have more options for alternative mapping.

The Adorama listings indicate that there will be some UI and Interface tweaks to the 540 and 840 to make start-up and use a more streamlined process. There are no details as to what exactly has changed but it's safe to say it will be in line with the updates that we have previously seen in the Edge 1040.

The new devices are also a touch larger than their predecessors, with measurements appearing to be 57.8 x 85.1 x 19.6mm, while the older devices were a little trimmer at 50 x 82 x 20 mm. They are also a touch heavier but only by around 5g.

Pricing and release date

Garmin hasn't confirmed a release date but the rumor mills are flying. Considering the leak was from retailers, that's usually a sign that the product is due very soon and we wouldn't be surprised if we saw the new models officially come on sale in the next month.

We can confirm the pricing in the US though. Garmin will ask for an extra $50 for the new devices compared to the previous models. Solar charging will cost you an extra $100 on top of the standard 540 and 840.

Pricing is as follows:

Garmin Edge 540: $349.99
Garmin Edge 540 Solar: $449.99
Garmin Edge 840: $449.99
Garmin Edge 840 Solar: $549.99

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