New movie Cracked Earth highlights cyclists living with the daily realities of climate change

Cyclists riding a long a beach
(Image credit: Cracked Earth)

Cracked Earth is a new documentary capturing the issues that face cyclists from across the world who live in areas in which climate change is no longer a distant problem, but a reality of the here and now.

The film premiers on Wednesday 22 March at the Rocket and Rascals cycling cafe in Plymouth, UK, followed by showings at other venues in Britain, Europe, and Melbourne, Australia throughout March and into April.

Cracked Earth dates and venues


  • 22/03  Plymouth, UK  – Rockets and Rascals
  • 23/03 Melbourne, Australia – Curve Cycling
  • 23/03 Bristol, UK – Pedal Progression
  • 25/03  Berlin Kolektif Bike Fair, Germany 
  • 29/03 Milan, Italy – Upcycle Bike Cafe
  • 30/03 Pozzoleone, Italy – Selle Royal HQ


  • 13/04 Girona, Spain – Athletic Affair
  • 13/04 London, UK – Via Atelier
  • 14/04 Heerlen, The Netherlands – Dutch Mountain Festival
  • 20/04 Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Patagonia HQ

The 30-minute film was filmed, produced, and directed by Lian van Leeuwen, the founder of Shift Cycling Culture – a not-for-profit organization that promotes sustainability in cycling.

On Cracked Earth, van Leeuwen said, “As cyclists we all share a love for the bike. But we also share a global, existential challenge: climate change and biodiversity loss are having a devastating impact on the outdoor spaces we use as our playground. From the saddles of our bikes, we witness the climate crisis unfold. Extreme weather conditions, changing landscapes, and diminishing biodiversity: the climate crisis is impacting every aspect of our life. And it’s happening in our own backyards.”

You can watch the Cracked Earth trailer below and for more info showings or if you're interested in hosting a screening, visit

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