Iconic British brand Orange Bikes pulled back from the brink with new restructuring deal

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It's been a rocky past 12 months or so for the bike industry. With many brands and retailers struggling across the bike world, the unwelcome news earlier this month that renowned brand Orange Bikes had entered administration was not a complete shock. We looked into what had gone wrong for the company a few weeks ago.

However, a new deal has been struck in Halifax that looks to have put Orange back on a solid financial footing and banished the specters of sale or closure back to the outer reaches. Essentially, it appears that Orange has restructured its debt by convincing its debtors that the business is still a viable one. This new structure has somehow enabled Orange to buy the company that manufactures its folded metal frames, Bairstows – also owned by Orange owner and MD Ashley Ball. The two brands will soon be under one roof at the Bairstows production facility.

Orange Stage 7 MTB studio shot

The Orange Stage 7 e-MTB was the last bike to be launched by the brand before entering administration (Image credit: Orange)

Orange announced the positive news in a statement on Friday.

"After a restructure of the business and its associated companies we are pleased to announce that Orange Bikes is set to continue under the ownership of Ash Ball.

"As part of a restructure, Orange Bikes has successfully acquired its UK frame manufacturing partner. This is a significant development that brings us one step closer to realising our ambitious plan of having the entire company exist under one roof. With this acquisition, we will be able to streamline our operations and create a more efficient production process. The new facility, just two miles from our current headquarters, will serve as the new home for Orange Bikes. It will house both frame fabrication facility and bike assembly, allowing us to unify the entire production process in one location.

"This integration will enable us to have greater control over the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality standards for our bikes. From the delivery of the aluminium for which we are famed, at one end of the factory, to the shipment of complete bikes from the other, we will have a seamless and efficient workflow.

"We are excited about this new chapter in the Orange Bikes story and the opportunities it presents. This move not only strengthens our position in the industry but also demonstrates our commitment to British bike manufacturing.

"Through the streamlining of our business, we have been able to preserve jobs and reinforce the stability of the Orange brand. This strategic decision ensures a promising future for British bike manufacturing in West Yorkshire for at least another 35 years."

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