Norco goes full-enduro with new Sight

Sight has short seat tubes, which allow for very long-travel dropper seatposts.
Sight features progressive geometry, including a seat angle which becomes steeper with larger sizes (image credit: Norco) (Image credit: Norco bikes)

Norco's Sight enduro mountain bike range now features updated geometry

The Canadian brand has analysed feedback from its professional mountain bike racers and integrated that into the new Sight’s engineering, with the aim of creating a platform with greater stability.

One of the most challenging design features of this new Sight project, was to cater to a broad spectrum of rider shapes.

Norco has used anthropometric measurements to set geometry numbers, and it claims that any rider will find a new Sight which feels perfectly tailored to their expectations.

Recognising the current industry trend towards longer bikes, especially those with longer front-centre frame construction, Norco has stretched the 2020 Sight.

The rocker-arm-actuated suspension design has not been altered too much, but kinematics have been adjusted to work with the longer frames. 

Configured with 160mm forks and 150mm of rear-suspension-shock travel, the 2020 Sight caters for both 27.5- and 29-inch wheel sizes, offering small, medium, large and extra-large sizes in each.

Where Norco’s industrial designers and engineers have really focussed resources, is on ensuring that riders pilot their Sight mountain bikes in a more aggressive position.

The revised Sight geometry encourages riders to project more force onto the front wheel, improving traction and steering responses. Geometry numbers are very generous, with an extra-large size Sight now featuring 515mm of reach.

True to its enduro billing, the 2020 Sight has a slack head angle, to keep riders in the most stable position when descending steep, technical terrain. The Sight 29er registers a 64-degree head angle, while the smaller-wheeled 27.5-inch specific frame is even more relaxed, at 63.5-degrees.

Beyond the on-trend geometry, Norco has also digitised the technical ownership experience with new Sight. It has a Ride Aligned app, which owners can use to evaluate recommended air pressure settings for suspension and tyres, depending on their size, weight and frame choice.

The price ladder starts at $2799 for an entry-level aluminium Sight, and peaks at $8697 for a premium carbon build.

Lance Branquinho
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