Orbea releases a range of MTB wheels under a new Oquo brand

Oquo wheels
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Orbea has made a move into the MTB wheel market under the brand Oquo, which will sell a range of mountain bike wheels aimed at cross-country, trail, and enduro riding.

Designed and manufactured in the Basque Country, Oquo aims at competing with the best mountain bike wheels with three carbon options, while two alloy wheelsets target the best budget MTB wheelsets.

The wheelsets are split into two specific categories based on their design and use case. Mountain Performance focuses on low weights without compromising durability. Alternatively more radical trail riders, e-MTBers, and enduro racers will be interested in the Mountain Control wheels which focus on strength and a tuned ride feel for improved grip.

Oquo wheels

(Image credit: Oquo Wheels)

All the wheelsets use asymmetric rims which are front and rear-specific in order to improve performance. The spoke holes are reinforced and all the rims use a hookless profile.

While the graphics are all very understated, if you go for the LTD edition wheels Oquo offers fifteen custom rim colors at no extra cost.

Oquo builds their wheels with DT Swiss hubs, Sapim spokes, and either Shimano Microdrive or SRAM XD freehub options.

Included with the wheels are tubeless valves and tubeless sealant. All but the cheapest MP28 PRO also come with wheel bags too.

The pricing starts at €599 and tops out with the top-of-the-range XC wheels costing €1,999, unfortunately, Oquo has not supplied international pricing yet.

Oquo Mountain Performance wheels

(Image credit: Oquo Wheels)

Oquo Mountain Performance wheels

The Mountain Performance range consists of three wheels aimed at cross-country and trail riding. 

At the top of the range is the premium MP30 LTD wheelset. Built with 30mm carbon rims and DT Swiss 240 they come in at a very impressive 1,350g. What's even more impressive is that Oquo says the MP30 LTD are rated for trail riding which likely makes them one of the lightest trail wheels on the market. They aren't cheap though, retailing for €1,999.

The MP30 Team is said to be a tougher wheelset with more of a focus on durability and price than all-out lightness. Unlike the LTD version which uses 24 spokes in the front wheel, the Team version uses 28 in the front and rear and is laced to DT Swiss 350 hubs. The MP30 Team wheels are priced at €1,299 which puts them in direct competition with the likes of Hunt's recently released Proven Race XC wheelset.

The MP28 PRO is a more price conscious option and uses an alloy rim with a 28mm internal diameter. The wheels are built with 28 Sapim Race spokes front and rear with reliable DT Swiss 350 hubs. Oquo hasn't provided any claimed weights for the MP28 wheels but they will retail for €599.

Oquo Mountain Coontrol wheels

(Image credit: Oquo Wheels)

Oquo Mountain Control wheels

Oquo's Mountain Control wheels put more of a focus on feel, control, and durability and are available with either a carbon or alloy rim.

Oquo says that the 32mm front and 30mm rear carbon rims used on the MC32 LTD are built with a tuned carbon layup and use shorter, aligned fibers for extra strength so it can withstand the extremes of enduro racing. Extra compliance has been added to the 28-hole front wheel in order to improve traction and both rims are said to feature Oquo's highest level of pinch protection. Oquo has specced DT Swiss 350 hubs and Sapim D-Sprint (front) and Race (rear) spokes. Oquo hasn't published weights for the MC32 LTD. The wheels are priced at €1,599.

If carbon isn't your thing, Oquo's MC32 Team features all the same tech as the LTD wheels but with alloy rims. They are over half the price as well, retailing for €699. 

For more details on Oquo's wheels, go to Oquowheels.com.

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