Panaracer's legendary GravelKing range gets a huge 10th anniversary overhaul, including a new 'fastest ever' gravel tire

New Panaracer Gravelking X1
(Image credit: Panaracer)

Panaracer is celebrating a decade of its original and hugely popular GravelKing tire. The Gravelking SK's unique square pattern tread is a common sight, imprinted on gravel tracks everywhere.

For 2024, Panaracer is adding a new Gravelking X1 tread pattern to its range of gravel tires, while the existing Gravelking (GK) SK, SS, Slick, and EXT get a new ZSG tread compound, updated TuffTex anti-puncture material, and new BeadLock bead. Panaracer has also added a “R” (Race) version of the GK, GKSK, GKSS, and X1 that uses different, race-specific materials from the standard and + versions.

Panaracer has given its range a spring clean as well , gone are some of the older sizes. Now sizing has been made simpler, starting at 30c and going up in increments of 5 to 50c (50c GravelKing SK only) The 700 x 32, 38 and 43c’s are being retired. Tires for 650b, 26in, and 29in wheels will still be available.

Let's take a closer look at the new Panaracer GravelKing range.

New Panaracer Gravelking being ridden through a puddle

The entire GravelKing range gets a major overhaul for 2024 (Image credit: Panaracer)

Full GravelKing range overhaul

A lot has changed in gravel over the last ten years, especially when it comes to gravel wheels. When the original GravelKing spec was designed, Panaracer modeled it around a 17mm inner rim width. While Panaracer has modified the spec in the years since, 2024 brings better hookless rim compatibility, ease of mounting, and design specs that should future-proof the GravelKing lineup for a while.

The range has now been split into GravelKing , GravelKing R (Race) and GravelKing+ (Plus) which are separated by the type of TuffTex casing that is used. The Race options have a lighter-weight TuffTex R casing giving it a lower rolling resistance and a smoother ride while the Plus have been given more puncture-proof TuffTex + casing.

The Japanese brand also says it has improved the compound used. All the GravelKing models will use a new tread compound called ZSG (Zero Slip Grip). Panaracer claims this proprietary material has low rolling resistance and grip for both gravel and tarmac

Lastly, BeadLock has been redesigned to work with a broader range of rims, including both hookless and clincher types.

New Panaracer Gravelking X1 detail

Panaracer's new X1 has a fresh tread pattern (Image credit: Panaracer)

New Panaracer X1

Over the last two years Panaracer has been working on a new tire called the X1, its development has stemmed from feedback gathered from Panaracer's team of testers, athletes, and tech team. This is the first new GravelKing tire since the SS was released back in 2017. Panaracer claims the X1 is the fastest GravelKing ever, featuring a completely new aggressive, fast-rolling tread. Panaracer says the new tread pattern also offers superior cleaning in wet/muddy conditions and greater control in rougher terrain.

The X1 shares the new compound as the other tires and will be available in standard, Plus, and Race casings.

Standard casing tires will retail for $64.99 / £54.99 and Race or Plus options for $79.99 / £64.99. Tires are available from March 1st for the USA and Japan and the end of March into April for the rest of the world. For more information, head over to

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