Pathlite:On is Canyon's e-trekking bike

Caynon has added battery power to its Pathlite
Cayon's Pathlite:On is an electrified adventure commuter (Image credit: Canyon)

German direct-to-consumer brand Canyon has a new hybrid bicycle which could become your true cycling vacation solution.

It is called the Pathlite:On and Canyon classify it as an e-trekking bike. Followers of the Canyon brand will be familiar with the Pathlite utility bike range and this new variant is designed to help you can further, with greater ease than before.

The frame is aluminium and features an array of mounting points to enable bike trekking in the traditional sense, but with the added range and endurance of battery pedal-assistance.

Although cycling purists have questioned the logic of an e-bike, one of the applications where having battery-assistance is of inarguable value, is bikepacking. Considering the long mileages and additional weight carried by riders when bike packing, having a bit of electrical aid is welcome.

The Pathlite:On is equipped with a 500Wh battery which powers Bosch’s CX-specification motor. Canyon claims a real-world assisted range of 150km, whilst riders wishing to increase the battery endurance, can fit a second 500Wh lithium-ion unit.

Beyond the Bosch motor, there are some delightful bike packing features added to the Pathlite:On. Supernova lights ensure you are safe whilst starting a ride at dawn or rolling into your overnight destination at dusk. There is also a sleek but functional rear rack.

Canyon has been mindful with the Pathlite:On specification, realising that e-trekking bikes are often loaded with more weight than would conventionally be the case for a big solo Sunday ride. Disc brakes and high-volume gravel appropriate tyres are part of the equipment grade and there is also a suspension fork up front to help smooth out the bumps on gravel roads, whilst carrying a load.

Five models and sizes of the Pathlite:On are being introduced to the market with a price spread of €2,499.00 - €4,999.00.

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