Pinnd's new beautifully CNC-ed e-MTB crank is the shortest on the market

Pinnd e-MTB cranks
Pinnd's cranks are CNC'ed from 7075 T651 anodized aluminum (Image credit: Pinnd)

Pinnd has released a new e-MTB crank upgrade which comes in three ultra-short crank lengths. If you are looking to give your best electric mountain bike a little more crank clearance to avoid pedal strikes look no further, Pinnd's new  Enduro (Cat 4) certified e-MTB cranks come in 165mm, 155mm, and the ultra-short 145mm.

Scottish CNC specialists Pinnd has been crafting their CS2 pedal from blocks of 7075 T6 Anodised Aluminium for a while and now they have turned their hand to cranks. Appling the same CNC sculpting to these ISIS spline interface cranks using 7075 T651 anodized aluminum. The e-MTB cranks come in two finishes, either Black or Natural anodized. 

The most notable spec feature is the crank lengths that are available. The cranks come in three options; 165mm, 155mm, or 145mm. As far as we are aware, the 145mm is the shortest e-MTB crank available on the market.

Pinnd e-MTB cranks fitted to a purple bike

Running 145mm should eliminate crank strikes (Image credit: Pinnd)

There has been a trend towards shorter cranks recently as, among other reasons, shorter cranks greatly reduce pedal strikes. Pedal strikes are more of an issue of e-MTBs due to the extra climbing capabilities that are unlocked by having the support of a motor. Until now, we have seen some brands like Hope experiment cranks as short as 155mm, but Pinnd takes it even further.

Most e-MTBs still come with cranks 165mm or longer, so switching to either the 155mm or 145mm lengths will give considerably more clearance and bring feet closer together for better stability.

The ISIS spline interface is compatible with the best e-MTB motors, including Bosch systems (Gen 2/4, excluding Gen 3 mini-ISIS Bosch spline shaft), Yamaha PW-X systems, and Brose systems.

There is a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects or if you damage them in a crash Pinnd offers a half-price replacement. 

With Bosch systems the Q-Factor is 186mm, Yamaha is 176mm, and with Brose systems the Q-Factor is 200mm. Weights start from 450g for the 145mm arms. 

The cranks are available for pre-order from with shipping estimated mid-April 2023, they will retail for £155.

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