Pirelli revamps its enduro and e-MTB tire line-up with a new grippier compound and a wider range of options

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Pirelli have overhauled its enduro and e-MTB tire ranges introducing a new compound and an increased number of options.

Their enduro and e-MTB tires will now be available in their new, softer SmartGRIP Gravity compound, while the enduro version gets Pirelli's lighter ProWALL casing option. The Scorpion M also gets a make-over with a new tread pattern

It's not been a secret that Pirelli has been working on updating its best mountain bike tires, we have already spotted Pirelli prototype tires at the Core Bike show and were told that new tires were on the way.

The main focus is on the new Scorpion M tire which is a mixed-terrain tire that is available in both enduro and e-MTB guises. Pirelli has given it a new tread layout and profile designed to increase versatility. The tread is now more aggressive, with taller reinforced blocks designed for hardcore riding.

The new SmartGRIP Gravity compound is available on the Scorpion Enduro and e-MTB M (mixed) and S (soft) tires and Pirelli says it's capable of tackling very different terrains, climates, and riding styles. Developed with knowledge gained from motorsport experience in motocross and rally competitions, Pirelli claims the new compound formulation is softer in order to conform to the terrain better, increasing grip and reducing vibrations.


(Image credit: PIRELLI)

Pirelli has made a few more tweaks to its MTB tire range too. The enduro tires are now available in their lighter ProWALL casing which was previously only available in the trail tires and saves roughly 50g over the HardWALL casing that Pirelli already offered. While the HardWALL offers bead-to-bead protection, the ProWALL reinforces the sidewalls with nylon fabric to improve the suppleness of the tire.

There are some new sizes as well. The Scorpion Trail H (hardpack) and M (mixed) now come in a 29x2.6in size and the Scorpion e-MTB R (rear) now has a 27.5x2.8 to give maximum grip when running a mullet setup on e-MTBs.

As a side note, Pirelli has mentioned that in the coming months there will be a launch of race-specific Scorpion tires dedicated to the pure racing world of EWS and World Cup DH, which are being developed in collaboration with Fabien Barel, so stay tuned for that.

All of Pirelli's Scorpion Enduro tires will retail for €74.90 and the Scorpion e-MTB tires a priced at €79.90. The new tires will hit the market starting from the end of July 2022. For more details, check out Pirelli.com. We'll have reviews of the new tires as soon as we can.

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