Pirelli's new Cinturato Gravel RC is a gravel race-focused tire with MTB influences

Pirelli's new Cinturato Gravel RC tire
(Image credit: Pirelli)

Pirelli has just added a new gravel tire to its range, the Cinturato Gravel RC, that's been designed to meet the demands of modern gravel racing. The new tire specifically targets events like the World Gravel Series and Unbound which are growing in popularity year on year. 

Rather than develop a brand new tread pattern, Pirelli has gone with what it knows already works off-road and reconfigured the Scorpion XC RC to create the Cinturato Gravel RC tire, which is now the best gravel bike tire in the Italian brand's range.

Other than being condensed down to fit the narrower widths of gravel tires, the overall tread layout is much the same. Taller paired shoulder knobs give way to intermediate blocks of three. In the center, the tread features the same chevron shape but the knobs have been merged into single blocks. There is considerably less sipping as well, presumably to further boost the speed of the low-profile tread.

Pirelli's new Cinturato Gravel RC tire

(Image credit: Pirelli)

The tires use a gravel-specific Speedgrip compound which again borrows tech from the mountain bike. Pirelli says that it took the Smartgrip compound used on its mountain bike tire and tweaked it, sacrificing a little grip in order to enhance rolling speed.

Last but not least, Pirelli's new Techwall Gravel casing combines road and mountain casing which is claimed to offer uncompromised puncture protection without sacrificing ride feel. The 60tpi casing adds a bead-to-bead cut-resistant layer of nylon which Pirelli claims is more robust that the other gravel tires in its range.

The tire will come in three 700c sizes – 35mm, 40mm, and 45mm – and either black or classic with para sidewalls. Tires are available now and will retail for $84.90. See www.pirelli.com for more.

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