Pivot's new Mach 6 remains true to its 27.5in roots

Pivot March 6 27.5
Mach 6 builds include coil and air shock options (Image credit: Pivot)

The best enduro mountain bikes market might be dominated by 29ers, but Pivot’s Mach 6 is different. 

Pivot's 29in Firebird is the choice for those looking for big wheels but for smaller riders or those who prefer the manoeuvrability of 27.5in wheels, Pivot’s new Mach 6 will have unquestionable appeal.

The Arizonian brand has desired to keep the Mach 6’s overall playfulness but wanted to optimize its weight distribution and ability to facilitate bigger days in the saddle.

Pivot has kept the DW link suspension system but by redesigning the shock mount for its Mach 6 rear suspension linkage, Pivot has delivered a range of benefits. The new frame has lower standover and places the shock in a vertical position, as opposed to the previous Mach 6’s linkage configuration, with the shock attached under the top tube.

This suspension reconfiguration places more of the Mach 6’s mass lower in the frame, which aids its cornering ability and ability to tackle tight switchbacks.

Pivot Mach 6 triangle

The vertical shock position gives more space for a bottle and accessories (Image credit: Pivot bikes)

Beyond the improved weight distribution, Pivot’s reconfiguration of the Mach 6’s suspension has allowed it to have more storage space in the front triangle. This means you can fit a large capacity hydration bottle and one or two other small emergency repair accessories and spares.

The suspension travel measures 158mm at the rear and 160mm out front, which is wonderfully compatible with the bike’s core geometry numbers.

Mach 6 riders have the benefit of using a flip-chip to adjust the bike’s geometry between a 65- of 65.6-degree head angle, depending on terrain and personal riding preference. On a size large, the corresponding reach number differs between 480- and 485mm, between the low and high geometry settings. Smaller wheels make for compact chainstays and at 431mm, the Mach 6’s rear end will carve around the tightest alpine switchbacks with confidence. 

Pivot is marketing the new Mach 6 in a huge range of 14 different build options, featuring both Shimano or SRAM drivetrains with Marzocchi and Fox suspension. The builds start at $5,599 for the XT/Marzocchi spec and peak at $12,099 for a premium Fox Live Valve equipped Team XX1 AXS build.

For full details of all the builds can be found at Pivotcycles.com.

Lance Branquinho
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