PNW Components shows off all-new Loam Pedal

PNW Loam flat pedal
(Image credit: PNW)

PNW Components are best known for its adjustable travel dropper posts and grips but the Pacific Northwest brand has now put its foot into the best MTB flat pedal market. The Loam is PNW’s first play at pedals and its design objective is to provide a comfortable pedaling and descending platform.

If you are one of those riders who believe in the classic mountain biking mantra that ‘flat pedals win medals,’ the PNW Loam is sure to appeal. Some of the latest flat pedal options are rather extreme, with overly concave shapes and long traction pins. Perfect for freeride mountain biking and downhill riders, but not always the comfiest choice for a longer trail ride.

If you prefer the feel and pedal feedback of a milder shape and traction pin profile, the PNW Loam flat pedal could be ideal.

PNW Loam flat pedal

(Image credit: PNW)

The Loam flat pedal is shaped from 6061-specification aluminum and has a mild concave curvature, end-to-end. Overall pedal size measures 105- by 115mm, giving most riders a good platform to stand on.

PNW’s product design team provides 22 steel traction pins per pedal, which should offer plenty of grip, with most of those pin positions on the pedal’s outer cage.

If you are a confident home mechanic, any Loam flat pedal can be taken apart with a simple hex wrench and is fully serviceable. The Loam pedal spins on sealed cartridge bearings with a configuration of two sealed cartridge bearings and one roller bearing.

Total pedal weight is 445g for a pair and riders have three color options: Black Out (black), Nickleback (silver), and Fruit Snacks (purple). PNW hints at further pedal colors coming soon. PNW’s retail pricing for its new Loam flat pedal is $99 / £73.86.

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