Pole's Voima e-MTB has a 725Wh battery and 190mm of travel

Pole Voima e-MTB enduro bike
(Image credit: Pole)

Pole has finally revealed the production version of its keenly anticipated Voima e-bike. The innovative Finnish mountain bike brand has yet again diverged from the trend and done something very much of its own destiny. Instead of using the smaller and lighter mid-drive motors and battery packs favored by many rivals, to create lighter e-bike platforms, the Voima is an absolutely OTT entrant to the best e-MTB realm.

It draws power from a huge 725Wh battery pack, which feeds into a Brose S mid-drive motor, producing 90Nm of torque. That equals 380% of pedaling assistance, which should help you power the 51.8lb e-bike up the longest and steepest climbs.

Pole’s doesn’t source its frames or engineering solutions from third-party suppliers. The Voima is very much an independent Pole design, with 190mm of travel and an interesting rear-suspension linkage. The sensei link creates a frame that doesn’t have a traditional rear triangle with chainstay. It might look odd, but the stiffness is high, thanks to dual-bearings.

Pole Voima e-MTB enduro bike

(Image credit: Pole)

A big e-MTB - in every way

Although the Voima isn’t carbon, it uses premium 7075-T6 aluminum construction, instead of the 6061-series materials used by most brands for their alloy frames.

It rolls 29-inch wheels and as you would expect from an e-bike with 190mm of travel at either end, the geometry numbers are very progressive. Pole has been a strong activist for long, slack and low geometry.

The Finnish brand might not use traditional frame sizing charts, preferring a K1-4 size guide. K3 correlates with a conventional size large and sits at a 63.5-degree head angle, with the 190mm single-crown fork upfront. Reach is enormous, at 510mm, with a notably steep seat angle too, at 80-degrees, to keep the rider in a powerful pedaling position, even on the most challenging climbs.

Industrial design details have always been a thing with Pole and the Voima doesn’t disappoint. Its mid-drive motor sits in a shell, that can easily be accessed by simply loosening few securing bolts.

The battery also loads from the head tube instead of the bottom bracket, to prevent debris impingement. Pole has also cleverly positioned the charging port, near the head tube, which has a lower risk of dirt contamination and moisture seepage, than a socket closer to the bottom bracket.

If you want one, pre-orders are open, but the Voima will initially be offered only as a frameset. Initial pricing is confirmed at €5,490 (K2 and K3 sizes only) which maxes at €5,990. While build kits are not available until 2022 pricing is expected to start at €8,490.

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