Portland Design Works releases a Pacific Northwest-inspired Timber to Town collection

Portland Design Works Timber to Town
(Image credit: Portland Design Works)

Portland Design Works has released a new Timber to Town collection that is sure to pique the interest of gravel riders and bikepackers. The range features three premium products, the Cloud Cap gravel pump and Cloud Cap CO2 inflator are aimed at the premium end of the best mountain bike pumps and CO2 inflator market and the Zigzag bottle cage features a timeless look.

Portland Design Works Timber to Town Pump

(Image credit: Portland Design Works)

The Cloud Cap gravel pump is a mid-sized, high-capacity pump designed for inflating gravel and mountain bike tires. It has an alloy construction with knurling details and is finished in a stealthy black. The pump threads onto Presta valves for a secure fit, as well as being compatible with Schrader valves. The pump also features a built-in CO2 inflator if you need to get your tires inflated extra quickly.

Portland Design Works Timber to Town CO2

(Image credit: Portland Design Works)

If you aren't interested in pumping, the Cloud Cap CO2 Inflator will quickly get you back on the trail. Premium all-metal design is finished in black and is Presta and Schrader valve compatible. There is a control lever that flips out and allows you to easily control the flow of CO2, a neat feature that you don't see on many CO2 inflators. Portland Design Works includes a Stitched leather CO2 sleeve too.

Portland Design Works Timber to Town Zigzag cage

(Image credit: Portland Design Works)

Finally, Portland Design Works has the ZigZag Bottle Cage. Made in Japan from 5mm stainless steel it has an elegant shape and some neat CNC detailing too. 

All the products come with a protective carry bag. It's probably no surprise in the timing of these products' release as they would make a thoughtful Christmas gift for a mountain biker or gravel rider loved one. 

The Cloud Cap Gravel Pump costs $89.99, the CO2 at $39, and the bottle cage is priced at $39.

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