Prevelo brings its high-spec, trail-ready, kids’ mountain bikes to the UK

Prevelo Zulu 2 kids mountain bike against a tree
(Image credit: John Arthur)

The Prevelo Bikes mission is simple, make the best mountain bikes for kids that are as confidence-inspiring, easy, and fun to ride as possible. UK distributor Windwave has added the Zulu kids mountain bike range to its already extensive range of Prevelo models from balance bikes to 24-inch models.

The Prevelo Zulu comes in four models from the Zulu One to the Zulu Four and covers age ranges from three to eleven years old. All models have a 'real deal' component line-up that could be easily at home on an adult mountain bike. That Prevelo says are carefully chosen for young riders ready to tear up the trails and give the best performance and fit.

Like all Prevelo bikes, the Zulu models are 100 percent engineered for kids from the start, featuring low minimum seat heights and low bottom brackets that places the rider close to the ground. Prevelo has found kids feel more confident, learn easier and ride better when they are nearer to the ground. The low geometry also lowers the center of gravity making the bikes safer and more agile.

With a similar spec across the Zulu One to Four, we had a closer look at two of the models and delved into their impressive componentry.

Prevelo Zulu Two

Prevelo Zulu Two kids mountain bike

(Image credit: John Arthur)

Prevelo Zulu Two is aimed at four to six-year-olds and comes loaded with features obsessively thought out for kids. Including a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with internal cable routing, 16-inch wheels and a choice of rigid forks or the Heir version that comes equipped with the Heir 16 fork with an impressive 60mm of travel.

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes should give plenty of stopping power on long descents, while the optimized kid-friendly cockpit is decked out with ultra-small diameter grips and short-reach brake levers for small hands.

Prevelo Zulu Two close up on components

The optimized kid-friendly cockpit on the Zulu Two (Image credit: John Arthur)

Like the entire Zulu range, it has Prevelo's signature confidence-inspiring geometry for a more agile and confident ride and with a slack front end, it should make the bike forgiving for young trail riders experimenting with rough stuff for the first time.

Add in the kid optimized Heir cranks, customized for each size bike and a double aluminum chainring guard you have quite the package. Delivered 95 percent assembled, you just install the handlebar, seatpost, and pedals.

Prevelo Zulu Two close up on components

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes give plenty stopping power (Image credit: John Arthur)

Prevelo Zulo Three

Prevelo Zulu Three kids mountain bike

The Zulu Three has an impressive 80mm travel front fork (Image credit: John Arthur)

The Prevelo Zulu Three packs high-performance mountain bike features into a 20-inch wheel size package. With the same lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, internal cable routing and low center of gravity geometry, and is aimed at five to nine-year-olds.

The Zulu Three takes things up a notch with a Microshift Advent derailleur. The super short cage provides ample ground clearance for small wheels, while simultaneously providing what Prevelo say is a best-in-class gear range. The clutch also helps minimize chain drop while still providing crisp, accurate shifting across the nine gears. Stopping power comes with the same Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

Prevelo Zulu Three kids mountain bike

Zulu Three has tubeless tires and rims (Image credit: John Arthur)

Tubeless tires and rims, and the option to add a dropper post keep the high-spec adult bike feel coming in addition to the standard 80mm front suspension Heir fork. The Zulu Three, like the rest of the Zulu range comes delivered, 95 percent assembled just needing the handlebar, seatpost, and pedals added.

Prevelo Zulu Three kids mountain bike

The Zulu Three gets Microshift gearing (Image credit: John Arthur)

Pricing and availabilty

All models of the Zulu are available to purchase in the UK from 13th February 2023 at Windwave. With pricing starting for Prevelo Zulu One at £529, the Zulu Two £549, Zulo Three at £1,099.95 and the Prevelo Zulo Four at £1,149.95.

We just need to find some willing young shredders to do some testing and we'll maybe bring you a first ride review very soon. With the impressive spec across the range it shouldn't be hard.

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