ProTaper launches a new series of handlebars that pay homage to their heritage

(Image credit: ProTaper)

ProTaper is a brand that needs no introduction in to the world of two wheeled action sports. With their roots firmly stemming from the top steps of motocross racing it’s no surprise they know how to execute some brilliantly performing and feeling MTB cockpits. Their latest collection launched today includes both aluminium and carbon options that from first glance look like strong contenders for the best handlebars currently available for MTB

Keep scrolling as we take a first look at the new ProTaper range. 

Aluminium A Series

ProTaper's compressive aluminium handlebar range is set to appeal to trail, enduro and DH riders. 

While the entire aluminium range gets a huge 810mm width there’s a healthy range of rise options set to appeal to all tastes. Riders will have the choice from 12.7, 24.4, 50.8 and 76.2mm heights – that really is a massive amount of choice with rises starting and finishing at both extremities. 

Stem clamp diameters vary between 31.8 and 35mm depending on the rise option though, so not all options are available in all configurations.


The A series features a huge range of rises with the highest being 76.2mm (Image credit: ProTaper)

The sweeps are relatively neutral with upsweep and back sweep at 4 and 8-degrees retrospectively. 

All options come in either black or silver polished colorways, but the 25,4mm rise option is exclusive to ProTaper’s limited edition IconGold color scheme which is only available in limited numbers and is set to sell out fast.  

All of ProTaper's aluminium bars have a price tag of $104.99.


The limited edition IconGold colorway is said to sell out fast  (Image credit: ProTaper)

There’s also the A25Y aluminium bar which is aimed at youth riders and features a narrower 720mm width and a choice of 12.7 or 25.4mm rise options. For the youth bar ProTaper have also narrowed to outer diameter to suit thinner grips and tweaked the sweep to fit better with the proportions of younger shredders. 

At $68,99 the A25Y looks like a dialed upgrade for some of the best kids mountain bikes.    

Carbon C Series

While the Icon Gold aluminium bar is set to celebrate ProTaper’s glorious past, the launch of the carbon handlebar range is said to be the beginning of the future. 


ProTaper's all-new carbon bar is showcasing the brand's future plans (Image credit: ProTaper)

After extensive research and development ProTaper states their carbon bars are more than ready to tackle mountain biking’s most demanding disciplines with confidence. The carbon layup used is said to provide control in the rough stuff and hit the scales with a below average weight. 

Protaper’s carbon bar is available in 810mm widths and either 12.7 or 25.4mm rises. The 12.7mm rise is only available with a 31.8mm clamp diameter whereas the 25.4mm rise bar is available in either 31.8 or 35mm. 

Similarly to the aluminium bar ProTaper have all given the carbon variant 4-degrees of up-sweep and 8-degrees of back-sweep.

On top of the trail, enduro and DH bar collection ProTaper has also introduced a carbon handlebar called ‘Hyperlite’ that’s aimed at the latest generation of XC racing and marathon riding. The Hyperlite bar is flat in rise and 760mm wide. 

Any of the new carbon ProTaper bars will set you back $184.99. 


The 'Hyerlite' is focused at modern day XC riding and racing (Image credit: ProTaper)

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