Protect your gravel bike with DyedBro's new Gravel + All Road frame protection kits

Dyedbro protection kit
(Image credit: Dyedbro)

DyedBro has been making funky (and non-funky) MTB frame protection since 2015 and has been broadening its range to protect all sorts of sticker kits whether it's for your e-MTB or forks.

Now the Spanish brand has expanded into the drop bar market with a brand new range of protection kits designed specifically for gravel and all-road bikes. Each Gravel + All Road kit comes with pre-cut sections which have been designed specifically for the tubes and shapes that are commonly found on gravel bikes. Each kit contains 12 stickers that aim to protect your paintwork from rock strikes, bikepacking bags, and the general wear and tear from riding.

The Gravel + All Road kits all contain the following stickers:

  • Downtube: measuring 42.5cm in length and 7.3cm in width
  • Top tube: measures 53cm in total when used with the 2 sections designed for longer tubes. Generally, a M/54cm bike will use just the large section, an L/XL bike may require the extra bits
  • Seatstays x 2: measuring 39cm in length and 2.4cm wide
  • Chainstay x 1: at 9cm long and at its maximum, 4.2 cm wide
  • Forks x 2: measuring 39cm in length but at 5.3cm in width, these work with a wide variety of forks

You will also get three round patches for areas that might experience cable rub as well as an installation tool.

Dyedbro protection kit

(Image credit: Dyedbro)

The kits come in 12 different designs ranging from a standard clear gloss version to more interesting designs, such as Unicorn Glitter Gravel or the Victor Brousseaud Artist Series design.

Dyedbro says that the kits are in stock now on and ready to ship. The kits retail for €41.99 or $59.99.

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