Revel future-proofs the majority of its frame range with SRAM UDH hangers

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SRAM's UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) has been widely adopted over the last few years as brands look to give customers and retailers a simpler solution when it comes to sourcing spare hangers. It makes a lot of sense if all brands use the same hanger, sourcing a spare from either a shop or at the trail side in an emergency is much easier.

SRAM has since revealed its full hand with the release of its T-Type Transmission which, handily, is only is compatible with the UDH standard. Part of Revel's recent Ranger update was moving to UDH hangers, they have now gone all in with a sweeping update across almost all their bikes to make them compatible with UDH.

Revel says that this was done to future-proof the majority of their bikes, aka eight out of twelve models, and will include the entire line of titanium bikes. Although tech rarely stands still in the bike industry, Revel wants to make their bikes as future-proof as possible and this is the direction that they believe will keep their bikes compatible with future drivetrain trends.

Revel El Jefe titanium hardtails sliding UDH compatible drop-out

Revel's titanium El Jefe hardtail now features a sliding UDH drop-out (Image credit: Revel)

In doing so Revel now offers a few unique frame configurations which, as far as we are aware, aren't available from any other manufacturers. Notably, according to Revel, the R+ gravel frame is the first gravel bike on the market to don the UDH hanger and the El Jefe titanium hardtail is the first bike to feature sliding dropouts with UDH. Revel will also update their carbon frames, with the Rail 29, Rover, Ranger, and 3D-printed Downhill Bike following the same standards.

The industry is potentially approaching a tech junction as brands rush to follow SRAM's new derailleur hangerless transmission. We have already seen patents that show that Shimano is working on their own axle-mount design and TRP is working on a hangerless derailleur too. Whether these will use, or even be allowed to use, the UDH mounting configuration is still to be seen.

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