Revel's new FusionFiber trail/enduro RW30 wheelset is now wider, stronger, and more compliant

Revel updates their FusionFiber trail/enduro RW30 rim and wheelset
Revel updates their FusionFiber trail/enduro RW30 rim and wheelset (Image credit: Revel)

Revel was one of the first brands to shun carbon fiber, alternatively choosing to build their rims from CSS Composites FushionFiber carbon alternative. The company has
now announced they are updating their RW30 trail and enduro wheels, improving design and layup to improve strength, offer a wider profile, and giving them a new raw finish.

The RW30 is aimed at trail and enduro bikes with between 130mm to 160mm of travel and like most of the best mountain bike wheels features a 30mm inner rim diameter.

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The RW30 is aimed at trail and enduro riding (Image credit: Revel)

The big difference between FushionFiber and commonly used carbon fiber is that FusionFiber doesn't require any epoxy or resins to bond the carbon fiber together. Instead, FusionFiber uses dry nylon-impregnated carbon fiber sheets which are laid up and bonded using multiple heat and pressure cycles. The result in a material that not only requires less toxic ingredients but also a simpler manufacturing process. FusionFiber also has the benefit that it's possible for brands to downcycle, although it requires a specific process to do this.

Revel aren't the only brand that are using FusionFiber materials, Evil Loophole wheelset also uses it and CSS Composites also launched their own wheelset range under the Forge&Bond banner.

Not only does this material provide an environmentally less damaging alternative to carbon fiber, but Revel also says that the rims have been tuned for specific ride quality without compromising stiffness for compliance which could improve grip and give a damped ride feel.

Revel says that they have increased the rim's sidewall thickness to 4mm, giving the rim a 38mm outer diameter. By speccing a wider side wall, Revel claims they have achieved a 23 percent increase in impact resistance.

Revel RW30 rim on a piece of wood

The rim comes straight out of the mold requiring no additional finishing (Image credit: Revel)

The RW30 comes in a 28-hole drilling and adds more material around the spoke holes with less in between the spokes. This should build a stronger wheel without an added weight penalty.

The rims feature a new clear finish to show off the FusionFiver weave. This finish comes straight from the mold, which not only simplifies the production process but also shows off the weave of the FusionFiber.

Revel offers the RW30 as a pre-built wheelset or rims only. They only come in a 29er size and the rims are said to weigh in at 485g. Alternatively, you can buy them built up with Nine Hydra and Sapim D-Light spokes. The complete wheelset has a claimed weight of 1,850g.

The rims are priced at $799 while the complete wheelset retails for $2,199. For more details, head over to

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