Ribble celebrate their 125th year with the release of three stunning special edition bikes

Ribble Gravel Ti special edition
(Image credit: Ribble)

Founded in late 1897, Ribble Cycles are celebrating this exciting milestone in their history by launching the 125 Campaign and unveiling three signature 125 Anniversary Edition designs including their Ti gravel bike.

Ribble have always aimed to be at the forefront of the cycling industry with continued innovation that spans three centuries. Not only one of the world’s oldest bicycle companies but also one of the longest-running great British brands. 

Ribble gravel ti anniversary edition

The exquisite marble paint on the Ribble Gravel Ti (Image credit: Ribble)

“It is incredible to think that Ribble has been designing and hand-crafting bicycles for 125 years - almost as long as the invention of the safety bicycle itself. Ribble started as a family-owned business passed down through generations and then onto the next custodians of the brand. Today’s Ribble family is a collective of passionate and talented cycling-obsessed people with the shared vision for continuous development and innovation to ensure that Ribble continues to thrive as a world-class brand throughout the 21st Century and beyond.” said Andy Smallwood, CEO of Ribble.

"The longevity of our business is the result of a lot of hard work and commitment across the years and I would like to thank everyone who has ever been involved with Ribble alongside the current guardians who are forging forwards - sharing our vision and passion. The launch of our new 125 Campaign is a landmark celebration and important milestone.” 

Ribble Gravel Ti special edition

Stunning paint work on Gravel Ti (Image credit: Ribble)

The 125 Campaign launch showcases a new graphic identity that takes its inspiration from all cycling disciplines incorporating roads, switchbacks, tracks and trails to define a bespoke and unique mark. Alongside a new launch film that captures and celebrates the past, present and future of Ribble and will evolve over the celebratory year, tailored to specific audiences, brand experiences and hero key bikes. The 125 Campaign will be supported by exciting promotional activity and brand experience events.

Ribble Allroad 125 Anniversary Edition

The Allroad 125 Anniversary Edition (Image credit: Ribble)

Ribble will be launching three exclusive 125 Anniversary Edition designs comprising of an exquisite marble paint finish complete with a bespoke finishing kit including 24-carat gold leaf frameset detailing, golden 125 head badge, wheel detailing and golden top cap. The unique designs will only be available during the anniversary year, creating a one-off limited run. The Ribble 125 Anniversary Edition design is £1,299 and can be selected via the CustomColour offering online or in-showroom. 

Ultra SLR 125 Anniversary Edition

The Ultra SLR 125 Anniversary Edition (Image credit: Ribble)

Ribble 125 Anniversary Edition pricing and availability 

Ribble Gravel Ti 125, Emerald Green Marble, Gold Leaf: £8,999 

Ribble Ultra SLR 125, Sapphire Blue Marble, Gold Leaf: £9,608 

Ribble Allroad SLe 125, Ruby Red Marble, Gold Leaf: £N/A concept bike only 

All Anniversary Editions will be showcased across Ribble's Clitheroe, Bluewater, Birmingham, Nottingham and Bristol stores soon and live via the CustomColour offering online. Find out more at ribblecycles.co.uk.

Paul Brett
Staff writer

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