Ribble launches the multi-discipline riding Ribble Collective

Ribble Collective rider in the new RC kit
(Image credit: Ribble)

Ribble Cycles has today launched its all-new Ribble Collective. Featuring a group of multi-talented individual privateer riders who will be competing across multiple cycling disciplines including some of the best gravel bike racing, cyclocross, road and TT. ‘Riding As One’ with the support of Ribble.

The riders in the Ribble Collective will be in action on and off-road, across the year, across the globe at many events including some of the best gravel bike events in the UK, Unbound in the US, The Rift in Iceland, FNLD GRVL and Migration in Kenya.

Neil Pinkawa, Head of Brand Marketing at Ribble explained the thinking for the Ribble Collective, "For 2023, we had the vision to look at the cycling landscape creatively and introduce this new model, allowing us to work in close collaboration with each rider and support them to achieve their own riding goals as well as telling their own unique story on two wheels. We are excited about the future of the Ribble Collective and we feel we have built a strong, diverse and varied roster of riders for the 2023 season."

Ribble Collective team riding together

A shared love of cycling brings the Ribble Collective together as one (Image credit: Ribble)

The group of diverse, like-minded riders all have one thing in common, a shared love of cycling. With the support of their parent brand, the Ribble Collective riders will be able to set and achieve their own goals across the year. As well as being brand ambassadors, they will also test products in the real world, providing valuable feedback, gaining support and encouragement from each other and helping to inspire a wider audience to get involved with cycling.

An interesting addition to the Ribble Collective is that there is no obligatory secondary sponsor model, with no rider having to rep a particular brand or supplier, freeing them up to obtain their secondary sponsorship opportunities beyond Ribble. The brand partners working with the Collective simply offer those riders new to the world of being a privateer access to such brands and products in the first stages of their careers with Mavic wheels supplying wheels for both race and training for selected Collective riders.

Ribble bike in the new Ribble Collective colorway

The Ribble Collective custom paint will feature across all race bikes (Image credit: Ribble)

To bring the Collective together, the riders will all share the same RC custom paint finish, comprising of a subtle teal to black odyssey fade, with teal decals and the all-new metallic abstract teal flicker design across the bars and fork. RC monograms and custom top caps complete their race-ready machines and collective riders will ride a variety of Ribble bikes from the Ultra SL R, Endurance SL R, Gravel SL and Ultra Tri ranges.

The teal palette and abstract teal flicker have also been featured in the 2023 kit design, which sees Ribble partner up with HUUB, with both brands sharing a common goal of improvement, innovation and deliverance of speed across their products.

Ribble Collective colorway shown on bikes and kit

The teal to black odyssey fade also features on the Ribble Collective kit (Image credit: Ribble)

The Ribble Collective bike and kit were unveiled to the riders at the team’s launch evening at Ribble’s flagship showroom in Clitheroe before the Collective flew off for a training camp in Spain. The Ribble Collective colorway will be available via Ribble’s online CustomColour tool and can be applied to any Aero, Endurance SL R / SL, Gravel SL or Tri models.

More info on the Ribble Collective, the 2023 riders information, race bikes and race schedule can be found at ribblecycles.co.uk.

Ben Chilton in Ribble Collective kit

Ben Chilton will race cyclocross and road for the Ribble Collective (Image credit: Ribble)

The Ribble Collective class of ‘23

  • Joe Laverick – Road, Gravel & TT
  • Amira Mellor – Gravel & Road
  • Mikey Mottram – Gravel & Road
  • Maddy Nutt – Gravel & Road
  • Tom Couzens – Road, Gravel & MTB
  • Cam Jeffers – Road
  • Ben Chilton – Road & CX
  • Metheven Bond – Gravel
  • Sean McFarlane – Tri
  • Dee Allen – Tri
  • Saoirse Pottie – E-Endurance
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