"Ride bikes all-day, listen to black metal and burn sh*t." Watch Joonas Vinnari's awesome new freeride video

Joonas Vinnari has just dropped his latest video, My Kona, charting the rise of his freeride obsession and the birth of the discipline in Finland. It's a crazy eight-minute ride that starts with Joonas and his mates hitting huge drops and jumps on noughties-era bikes. The VHS footage soon fast-forwards to 2022 and Vinnari riding freeride trails back where it started 20 years ago.

At the beginning of his association with Kona, Joonas received a bright pink Stinky which makes many appearances in the edit. In the second part of the video, we see him building up a brand new version of the bike and thoroughly putting it to the test in some sequences of properly awesome freeriding.

Joonas Vinnari's new Kona Stinky Six

Joonas Vinnari's new Kona Stinky Six (Image credit: Kona)

Joonas describes his modern Stinky, "Stinky is one of the cornerstones of freeride MTB. There aren’t many sports where one product has played such a big role. My 2022 'Stinky Six' is based on a Process 134 design with a 150mm fork and coil rear shock. I’ve been on a 134 since it came out and a bit longer fork and coil shock made it perfect for what I like to ride."

For more info on Joonas and Kona bikes, head to konaworld.com.

Joonas Vinnari

Joonas Vinnari in 2022 (Image credit: Kona)
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