Want a RockShox Lyrik but are put off by the high price? The new Psylo trail MTB fork gives similar performance but only costs half as much

The new RockShox Psylo fork on a bike
If you want maximum bangs per buck, the new Psylo fork looks a great option (Image credit: RockShox)

SRAM's MTB suspension arm, RockShox, has just revealed its latest fork – the Psylo. With 35mm stanchions and a trail-oriented design, the Psylo is essentially a budget version of the highly regarded Lyrik – one of the best mountain bike forks around. RockShox has also announced an update to its budget enduro fork – the Domain.

The new RockShox Psylo and Domain forks leaning on a wall

The new Psylo and the updated Domain (Image credit: RockShox)

The top-specced Psylo Gold RC model gets an all-new Isolator RC damper. RockShox says the Isolator RC has a "nod to the Charger 3" damper used in its Ultimate and Select+ level trail forks. It utilizes a "shim-based, spring-backed Internal Floating Piston (IFP) damper to give riders a consistent and predictable feel throughout its entire travel." Rather than the low and high speed compression adjustment found on Charger 3-equipped forks, compression settings on the Isolator use a simpler three-position dial with 'Open', 'Pedal', and 'Firm' settings available to the rider.

New internals on the Isolator RC aim to prevent air and oil mixing, which is designed to improve "responsiveness on impact and enhanced consistency throughout the range of travel." RockShox says this results in a predictable ride feel with reduced harshness and quieter operation on the trail.

Derail of the new Isolator RC compression adjustor

A three-position adjustor keeps compression settings simple (Image credit: RockShox)

As well as the new damper, the Psylo gets an updated Debonair air spring with tech from the fancier Debonair+ version. RockShox says that sensitivity has been improved at the top of the travel, while the mid-stroke support has been increased so the fork sits higher in its travel to make better use of the full suspension range.

Travel-wise, the Psylo is available with 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm options. It also comes in three models – Gold RC, Silver RC and Silver R. Only the Gold RC will be available aftermarket, while the lower spec models will appear on production MTBs only. Instead of the Isolator damper, the Silver RC gets the existing Motion Control Solo Air, while the Silver R gets the Motion Control Coil.

The new RockShox Psylo fork leaning on a wall

The new Psylo looks like a top budget alternative to the Lyrik (Image credit: RockShox)

As for weight, the Gold RC comes in at a claimed 2,320g (160mm travel, 44mm offset) – which is only 200g heavier than the Lyrik. The Silver RC weighs in at 2,786g, while the Silver R is 2,888g.

Pricing for the Psylo Gold RC is competitive at $539 / £580 / €645 – which is roughly half the price of the standard Lyrik and is comparable to the best budget MTB forks around. The new model should be available from SRAM dealers round about now.

Tech specs: RockShox Psylo Gold RC

  • Price: $539 / £580 / €645
  • Compatibility: 27.5in or 29er wheels
  • Travel options: 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm
  • Stanchion diameter: 35mm
  • Fork offset: 44mm (27.5in and 29in), 37mm (27.5in – not available aftermarket)
  • Weight: 2,320g (claimed 160mm travel with 44mm offset)

The RockSox Domain fork leaning on a wall

With longer travel and thicker 38mm stanchions, the Domain is a top budget choice for enduro and e-MTB (Image credit: RockShox)

RockShox Domain gets an update

RockShox has also announced updates to its heavier-hitting Domain fork – which is basically the budget version of the longer travel, enduro/e-MTB-oriented Zeb. The Domain Gold RC now uses the same new Isolator RC found in the Psylo along with the new Debonair air spring.

Pricing for the Domain Gold RC $579 / £620 / €695. Like the Psylo, the new fork should be available now.

Detail of the fender on a rockshox fork

Both the Psylo and the Domain come with the RockShox Short Fender (Image credit: RockShox)

Tech specs: RockShox Domain Gold RC

  • Price: $579 / £620 / €695
  • Compatibility: 27.5in or 29er wheels
  • Travel options: 150mm, 160mm, 170mm, 180mm
  • Stanchion diameter: 38mm
  • Fork offset: 44mm (27.5in and 29in)
  • Weight: 2,501g (claimed,180mm travel, 44mm offset)
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