RockShox's new Vivid shock promises coil like performance with the adjustability of air

RockShox Vivid shock release
(Image credit: RockShox)

RockShox has released an updated version of their enduro and downhill Vivid shock. The shock features a new TouchDown technology which is said to give coil-like suppleness as well as an adjustable hydraulic bottom out (AHBO) control. 

The Vivid shock is Rockshox's best rear shock for downhill and enduro alongside the Super Deluxe Coil. Compared to the RockShox Super Deluxe Air shock, Vivid has a stronger design with increased bushing overlap and larger oil volume for better heat management.

The most significant update is a new position-sensitive damper that RockShox calls TouchDown, which is designed to offer increased small bump response at the start of the shock stroke. The TouchDown technology bypasses the compression damping generated by the main piston in the first 10 percent of its travel to give a more coil like suppleness. 

The following 70 percent of the shock stroke is managed by the shocks compression dampening while the last 20 percent is controlled by the AHBO, which has five positions of adjustability allowing riders to tune to rider style and suspension kinematics. 

In terms of adjustment, the Vivid Ultimate has five positions of High Speed Compression (HSC), five positions of Low Speed Compression (LSC), five positions of AHBO, and 20 positions of Rebound. Bottomless Tokens can now be removed or installed without fully disassembling the rear shock and can hold up to six Bottomless Tokens (four for 75mm stroke).

RockShox Vivid shock release

The new Vivids TouchDown technology is said to quieting trail chatter (Image credit: RockShox)

RockShox will have five versions of the Vivid shock; Vivid Ultimate, Vivid DH Ultimate, Vivid Select+, Vivid Select, and a Vivid base model. All models will feature the five position AHBO and TouchDown damper but will have different levels of adjustability. Vivid Ultimate comes with independent High and Low Speed Compression adjustments, Threshold (climbing lock-out), and Rebound. Vivid Ultimate DH replaces the Super Deluxe Ultimate and has all the same features as the Ultimate except for the Threshold adjustment. The Vivid Select+ offers a Compression adjustment, Threshold, and Rebound. Vivid Select has Rebound and Threshold while the most basic Vivid only has Rebound.

Vivid, Vivid Select, and Vivid Select+ will only be available OEM while the while the Vivid Ultimate and DH Ultimate will cost $699-$729 / £749-£779 / €839-€874.

RockShox will offer a Vivid Ultimate RC2T reservoir upgrade which can be retrofitted the new Vivid shock to offer full RC2T range of adjustment. The Reservoir upgrade will retail for $230 / £220 / €245.

Reliability and longevity is also said to have been improved with RockShox recommending Vivid service intervals from 50 to 100 hours.

RockShox has made no mention of a Flight Attendant compatible version of the Vivid. Considering this a technology they are still actively developing and the benefits it could have in enduro racing, we speculate that its something we could see in the future though. 

For more details, head over to RockShox website.

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