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Ryder Nut Cracker: the only MTB tool you ever need

Ryder Nut Cracker
Diminutive in size, the Ryder Nut Cracker is quite easily the single most important tool to carry with you on your rides (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Ryder has been headlining the news for its innovative cycling accessories of late, the most notable being the Slug Plug, Slyder Storage System and Nut Cracker. Launched at Sea Otter this year, all three accessories have been lauded by the global press for their ingenuity, convenience and compact dimensions.

It's the Nut Cracker however that has us intrigued and for all the right reasons. The Nut Cracker is Ryder's most impressive doohickey and one every cyclist - especially those who run tubeless setups - should consider keeping in their saddle bag or pouch. Overlooked by many, the Nut Cracker is that one tool that can save you from calling a taxi should you ever be experiencing any trail-side wheel woes such as a broken valve or blocked valve core. 

Ryder Nut Cracker

Weighing just 8g, it's never going to hold you up on the climbs either (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Diminutive in size the Nut Cracker can be used in many ways - dual-sided in application, it can loosen and remove tubeless wheel nuts and valve cores as well as double up as a brake pad spreader. Furthermore, it also houses a spare core within the tool body - very nifty indeed. Not only does the Nut Cracker weigh just 8 grams, to top it off, it will set you back just £9.99.

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