Schwalbe looks to reinvent the way we inflate bike tires with its new easier to use and more efficient Clik Valve push-on system

The Schwalbe Clik Valve stem on a wheel with a pump head about to be attached
The push-on, pull-off Clik Valve tire inflation system (Image credit: Schwalbe)

Schwalbe has just launched Clik Valve, a new push-on inflation system for tires that claims a 50 percent higher air flow rate than existing Presta and Schrader valve systems and reduced air loss.

Clik Valve kits consist of valve cores that screw into existing valve stems, and pump head converters that are designed to fit pumps with removable inserts.

The new valves and pump heads were invented by John Quintana who was looking to make a system that his children could use as they struggled with the fiddly nature of inflating Presta and Schrader tires. Clik Valve is designed to be easy to push on and pull off. While there are plenty of existing push-on pump heads for Presta bike tire valves, most use some kind of locking mechanism and it's not always easy to get them properly seated on the valve.

Schwalbe Clik Valve tubeless valves in five different lengths on a white background

Tubeless Clik Valve stems are available in lengths from 40 to 100mm (Image credit: Schwalbe)

Clik Valve is designed to fit any valve with a removable core, so will work with inner tubes and tubeless systems. As well as the conversion kits, Schwalbe are releasing tubeless valves in a range of sizes which will be followed by dedicated Clik Valve inner tubes.

Pricing is similar to existing systems currently available...

  • Tubeless valve kit (two valves and core tool and four rubber bases): $34.99 to $38.99
  • Tubeless valve and pump head kit: $44.99 to $48.99
  • Brass replacement cores: $14.99 per pair
  • Aluminum replacement cores: $16.99 per pair
  • Schrader adaptors: $12.99 per pair
  • Pump head: $12.99
  • Valve cap with built-in core tool: $6.49 per pair

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