SCOR is a new mountain bike brand with BMC roots

SCOR is a new bike brand with BMC roots
SCOR is a new bike brand with BMC roots (Image credit: SCOR)

The bike industry is unique because the people who engineer, sell, and market products are most often deeply passionate about the sport. Not only do they create bikes and accessories simply designed to bring in cash, but they want to also design products that they want to ride themselves. 

The very first mountain bike brands were literally created by riders, and that trend is still occurring to this day. We've received word of a new bike brand out of Switzerland, which started in-house at BMC, that's about to be a new player in the trail/enduro bike segment of the industry. 

"The new SCOR brand was created by and for those who believe in riding for the sheer joy of it," the brand sent out in a press release. 

"Designed in Switzerland by a team of progressive riders who are also world-class engineers, industrial designers and bike geeks, their bikes aim to be as well-engineered as elegant and that confidence in the bike inspires creativity on the trail."

SCOR logo

SCOR has a logo but hasn't released any product details yet (Image credit: SCOR)

While there are no full details about the brand's products yet, we do know a bit about the origins of the company and that they have a couple of new bikes on the way, thanks to an article published by Pinkbike.

The project started a few years ago when a couple of BMC employees found themselves wishing for a bike that would be better suited for the technical trails near their home base in the Jura region of Switzerland. BMC's range is currently composed of cross-country bikes like the Fourstroke, but these employees wanted a more playful trail/enduro bike so they got to work on a semi-secretive side project.

A prototype was created out of a BMC Trailfox frame, an enduro model that's now discontinued. The prototype essentially modernized the bike with a slacker head angle and longer wheelbase.

The BMC bosses caught wind of the project and authorized more in-depth work on it, which eventually led to a second prototype bike. This time, the rear triangle and suspension design was reworked, and the shock was placed under the seat tube, similar to the design found on the Santa Cruz Nomad.

SCOR is a new bike brand with BMC roots

SCOR has released some riding images that cleverly hide any views of what bike the rider might be on (Image credit: SCOR)

Pinkbike reports that SCOR will launch with multiple models, and there's word about a possible e-MTB that uses a similar design. It looks like SCOR will be focused on making playful trail/enduro bikes that are focused more on everyday riding rather than racing, and they will produce parts and accessories too.

SCOR products will initially be available in select European countries as well as in the United States through both bike shops and online.

That's about all we know at the moment, but SCOR does have a website and Instagram page so it looks like new details could drop sometime soon. Check back as we will post details about any new bikes as soon they come out.

Ryan Simonovich

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