Specialized introduces the Tero X – a new go-anywhere adventure e-bike

The Tera X e-bike from Specialized
(Image credit: Specialized)

Specialized has added the Tero X to its range of e-bikes and says it was born from the innovation and legacy found in its best electric mountain bike range. Just when we thought we'd seen it all with Outside Van's 'Tail' ATV camper van, along comes the Tero X full-suspension e-bike that allows riders to take it almost anywhere. 

Specialized say this electric bike is a more than capable off-road vehicle, an SUV of the bike world, able to carry luggage and cargo with ease while delivering a comfortable and confident ride on all terrains. As Specialized says, "Over the mountains, through the forest, across the desert, or simply down the lane, adventure is out there and with the Turbo Tero X it means, you're going to need a bigger map."

We explored some of the Tero X's features to see if they back up the claims...

The motor on the Tero X e-bike

The Tero X comes with the Specialized Full Power 2.2 electric motor (Image credit: Specialized)

Feel the power

The Tero X comes equipped with the Specialized Full Power 2.2 electric motor built into the aluminum frame, and cranks out an ample wattage of up to 710Wh in the 6.0 highest price version, and 530Wh in the 4.0 starter model. With three modes Eco, Sport, and Turbo that can be personalized to suit each riders needs.

The bike features Specialized's 'intelligent' Turbo Operating System, which they say seamlessly integrates with the MasterMind Display and the Mission Control app. This enables over-the-air updates with integrated range optimization tools, advanced tuning, and on-ride diagnostics. 

So range anxiety should be a thing of the past and the Tero has a claimed assisted riding time of up to six hours or around 120km depending on mode, and with its easily swappable batteries, the e-bike's range is pretty much open to a rider's choice of when to stop.

Rear shock on the Tero X

A RockShox Deluxe Select+ should give plenty comfort (Image credit: Specialized)

Comfy rides

The Tero X is a full-suspension bike with a RockShox Lyrik Select+ 130mm fork up front and a RockShox Deluxe Select+ 120mm single-pivot rear suspension system at the rear. The suspension system is aimed to eliminate complexity while boosting performance during seated riding and carrying cargo. There is also a dropper seatpost to help riders get low and in control during rougher parts of the ride, or just make it easier to get a foot down at traffic lights, especially in a heavy load situation.

The Tero is designed to put riders in a more upright riding position that is said to help reduce fatigue and make pedaling more efficient. Fitted with its own Specialized Ground Control tires renowned for traction, the Tero X should offer a comfortable ride experience.

The MasterMind Display on Specialized Tero X e-mtb

The MasterMind Display controls the Tero X (Image credit: Specialized)

Lights, storage and safety

The Tero X also comes equipped with up to 1,000 lumens of headlight power. The rear gets up to 22 lumens of light illumination, which is speed-sensitive and increases in brightness from 11 to 22 lumens when deceleration is detected.

An integrated rear rack is designed to safely carry up to 20kg of adventure gear with an extra front rack for 10kg of additional on-bike storage. Specialized also has a range of Tero-compatible performance luggage baskets and panniers, and the Tero X can tow a trailer if required, so you could carry all the kit you'd need for all sorts of adventures.

Anti-theft measures come in the form of a Turbo System Lock, which is engaged through the Mission Control app. The Turbo System Lock effectively disables the bike’s motor and activates a built-in motion sensor alarm. 

Price and availability

The Tero X comes in three models and are available now with pricing starting at $4,500 / £3,999 / €4,350 for the 4.0, $5,500 / £4,999 / €5,200 for the 5.0 and $6,500 / £5,999 / €6,200 for the top of the range 6.0 model.

The Tero X 6.0 e-mtb

The 6.0 is the top of the range version of the Tero X (Image credit: Specialized)

Tero X 6.0 spec

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Fork: RockShox Lyrik Select+ 130mm 
  • Shock: RockShox Deluxe Select+ 45x190mm 
  • Drivetrain: SRAM X01 Eagle, 12 spd 
  • Motor: Specialized Full Power 2.2 250W
  • Battery: 710Wh
  • Weight: 58.1lbs / 26.4kg 
  • Price: Terro X 6.0 $6,500 / £5,999 / €6,200
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