Specialized launches lightweight Gambit full-face helmet and a canvas version of the Roost shoe

Specialized Gambit
(Image credit: Specialized)

One of the problems with a lot of the best full-face helmets is that they'll always be heavier and hotter than half-shell helmets. And with enduro mountain bikers looking for a bit more protection than a standard open-face helmet, Specialized has identified a gap in the helmet market. 

The Gambit is the brand's new, downhill-rated full-face helmet that boasts half-shell comfort levels. The lid is made from a combination of carbon fiber, polycarbonate, and five pieces of energy-optimized EPS foam to create a helmet that weighs in at 730g for a size large. That's almost 300g lighter than the brand's S-Works Dissident full-face helmet. 

Specialized Gambit full-face

(Image credit: Specialized)

Despite the low weight, the helmet meets the ASTM standard for downhill mountain bike helmets. The Gambit also uses MIPS SL, which works exactly like the standard version of the MIPS spherical protection, but Specialized has essentially embedded it into the helmet's pads. 

Riders can also adjust the tension of the helmet via the SBC Integrated Fit System as well as having four positions to customize the cheek pads. 

Like the newly released Specialized Tactic 4 mountain bike helmet, the Gambit uses a fixed visor. The Gambit will be available in three colors, three sizes, and cost £295. 

Specialized Roost Canvas flat pedal shoes

(Image credit: Specialized)

Specialized Roost now in canvas

Along with the Gambit, Specialized has also announced a canvas version of its 2FO Roost, one of its best flat pedal shoes. The shoes still feature Specialized's SlipNot ST sole and cushioned EVA midsole - which really impressed us when we tested the Specialized Rime - and they still have the X-Pel mesh liner to speed up drying times. The only difference is the upper is made from canvas. 

Specialized says that the canvas offers a breathable upper that's great on warm days and the canvas has been chosen as it will gently shoe age like a regular shoe. As Specialized put it, 'they don't wear out, they break in'. 

Unfortunately, the canvas versions are only available in the flat pedal version, so those that are interested in the Specialized 2FO Roost Clip version have to make do with the two standard colors.

The Roost Canvas will be available in sizes 36-49 alongside the two existing Roost color options and will cost £110. 

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