Specialized's updated Purgatory tire hopefully leads to performance heaven, not hell, for trail riders

Specialized updated Purgatory tire railing a berm
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Specialized has updated its Purgatory tire and Specialized believes it has found the perfect mix of cross-country speed and trail grip and toughness.

We have long-rated Specialized's tires as some of the best mountain bike tires due to their grippy compounds, predictable treads, and keen pricing.

The new Purgatory tire comes in two compounds and two casing options and features a new tread pattern for enhanced grip. This announcement comes alongside the release of Specialized's new Epic WC, Dissident 2 full-face, and the relaunch of two new 2FO shoes.

The big change is an updated tread, the new pattern resembles Specialized's beefier Butcher tire tread layout. However, unlike the sipped Butcher knobs the Purgatory tread features a block-in-block design which should help the tire deform more to find grip. The side knobs are a little different, featuring a staggered layout which are said to offer "predictability and corner control".

Specialized updated Purgatory tire

The new Dissident has a far more angular aesthetic (Image credit: Specialized)

Previously the Purgatory was only available in T7 and T5 compounds, the new tire will now use Specialized's softest T9 rubber for high grip or T7 for those looking for a little more rolling speed.

The Grid sidewall uses a 60tpi casing that offers a reinforced sidewall and helps with stability. For riders needing a little more protection, the Grid Trail adds a bead-to-bead layer of puncture protection.

The tire comes in 2.4-inch, in either 29er (T9 and T7) or 27.5-inch (T7 only). Weights start at a claimed 925g for the GRID 29x2.4 T7 tire and top out at just over a kilo for the GRID Trail 29x2.4 T9 (1050g)

The Purgatory is available now, see below for US and UK pricing:

  • Purgatory Grid T7: $65.00 / £37.50
  • Purgatory Grid T9: $65.00 / £37.50
  • Purgatory Grid Trail T7: $70.00 / £45.00
  • Purgatory Grid Trail T9: $70.00 / £45.00
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