SRM X-Power is the world's first MTB power meter pedal

SRM X-Power pedals
SRM X-Power pedals (Image credit: SRM)

SRM has produced a power meter mountain bike pedal for those riders who are particularly meticulous about their training.

The world’s first mountain bike power meter pedal features a design which is Shimano SPD-pedal compatible and will relay all your cadence and wattage output data.

This X-Power pedal houses its trick electronics and data harvesting bits inside the spindle and has a riding endurance of 80-90 hours.

Recharging the X-Power is accomplished courtesy of a small magnetic connector, on the wrench flat surfacing of the pedal.

Data acquisition is mediated by four grids which measure wattage in relation to crank position and give the most accurate power output reading. The power meter is also dual-sided.

Power meter pedals function on the slickness of their compatibility with digital devises and the X-Power is configured to be convergent with all your devices.

There is both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity to ensure that the X-Power pedals are compatible with all head units. SRM also have a Smartphone app for their new mountain bike power meter pedals which enable riders to calibrate and analyse asymmetric power output between their crank sides.

A Zwift compatibility mode means that the X-Power pedals can communicate with any Zwift connected device too, if severe winter weather forces your training indoors.

SRM’s projected retail price for a pair of X-power pedals is €1000. The question of riding such an expensive component over technical terrain, where pedal body strikes are possible, is an issue potential customers will have to risk assess.

According to SRM, the X-power is easily rebuildable, due to its modular design. The company currently has 100 of these new power meter pedals deployed for real-world testing.

Lance Branquinho
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