Stashed Products launches the SpaceRail, a space-saving bike storage system

A man wearing a mountain biking helmet is standing between several mountain bikes hung up by their wheels, preparing to lift one off
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For anyone with more bikes than they can reasonably fit into one space, Stashed Products has introduced the SpaceRail, its answer to home bike storage solutions that it claims can save up to 50 percent in storage space. The sliding hook system overlaps bikes and stores them much closer together, compared to traditional bike hanging methods. According to the brand, while most methods will limit bike spacings to 350-400mm in width, The SpaceRail allows spacings down to 150mm, and it's designed to work with all bike types, including the best mountain bikes and best gravel bikes.

A group of different bike types, including road bikes, mountain bikes and children's bikes, are suspended from a rail in the ceiling

The SpaceRail is compatible with all types of bike from mountain bikes to children's bikes (Image credit: Stashed Products)

So how does it work? It’s a rail that you affix to the ceiling, and it comprises specially designed hooks with an auto-locking ball-joint mechanism which, according to Stashed Products, reduces the chances of fumbled bike hanging due to the hook moving or rotating. Instead, it’s locked stationary while unloaded, and once in use it's designed to slide smoothly along the rail and rotate 360 degrees. The hook is sheathed in a polymer cover to protect delicate wheel rims from damage.

A particularly well thought-out aspect is that the system is as expandable as your bike collection. The pre-defined kits have capacity to store up to 12 bikes, and the modular system can be expanded in increments of four, with the addition of extra rail/s, so the only limiting factor is how much physical space you have to play with. The hooks can fit rim and tire combos of up to 3-inch in width, so it's compatible with all types of bikes, from flat bar MTBs, drop bar gravel and road bikes, hybrids, e-bikes, kids’ bikes, and BMXs. 

A metal hook with a black polymer cover, suspended from a ceiling rail

The hooks are specially designed to hold rims and feature a polymer cover to protect delicate materials (Image credit: Stashed Products)

The basic SpaceRail retails for £159.99 and comes with a two year ‘no quibble’ warranty. It’s made in Wales and is currently only available in the UK, but Stashed Products says that international shipping will become available soon, and recommends signing up to its mailing list to stay up to date on this development. We'll have a full review of the SpaceRail soon.

Buy The SpaceRail direct from Stashed Products.

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