Syncros introduces new Fraser iC SL integrated cockpit

Syncros Fraser Kate Courtney
(Image credit: Scott)

Syncros has introduced its new Fraser integrated cockpit, which is also found on Scott Spark cross-country bike models. The new race-tested bar and stem combo features semi-integrated cable routing through the headset as well as updated ergonomics. 

Since the cockpit was created with the Scott Spark in mind, cable routing was a priority. Integration through the headset and a system of covers keeps the cable organized and out of sight on each side of the bike. 

The sweep and rise of the cockpit have also been updated with "current ergonomic best practice" in mind. There are both more conventional fit options as well as aggressive race options developed with racers like Nino Schurter. 

The brand also claims a lower weight has been achieved thanks to the omission of extraneous material and hardware. 

Since the cockpit is a single piece, Syncros was able to tune the carbon to achieve stiff yet comfortable performance. 

The Fraser bar comes in World Cup, XC, or DC (downcountry) versions. For trail, enduro, and downhill riding, the cockpit still features the same design features but switches its name to the Hixon. 

The Fraser World Cup and XC versions are available in a 740mm width and with 50-90mm stems. The downcountry version is 760mm and can be bought with 50-80mm stems. All models cost $349.99. 

The Hixon is available in sizes ranging from 780-800mm with 40-60mm stems. Pricing starts at $329.99, with the downhill version costing $349.99. 

The handlebars are available now from Scott or associated dealers. 

Syncros Fraser

The Fraser cockpit on a Scott Spark  (Image credit: Scott)
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