The new Coros HR Monitor promises precise data and total comfort

Details on the Coros HR Monitor
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Coros make a variety of GPS sports wearables and training software including the Coros Vertex 2 smartwatch aimed to challenge the likes of the Garmin Fenix and Epix in the best cycling smartwatch category.

They have now announced the launch of their new Heart Rate Monitor accessory that promises superb data accuracy and comfort. The Coros HR Monitor is claimed to be a superior alternative to the traditional HR chest strap, with a fully elasticated armband and sliding buckle, which the brand says will help users to achieve the perfect fit. 

Coros adds that having a perfect fit will enable a higher HR accuracy reading as it removes interference from external light sources, and also maximizes comfort and convenience for the user.

Details on the Coros HR Monitor

Coros say their HR Monitor is a superior alternative to the traditional HR chest strap (Image credit: Coros)

The Coros HR Monitor uses the latest generation multi-channel optical sensor and has five LED lights with four photodetectors for improved accuracy. Built-in wear detection allows the HR Monitor to automatically power on and off based on when it is worn, enabling the user to enter an activity seamlessly and broadcast HR to up to three other Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The HR Monitor also has a built-in rechargeable battery with a claimed 38 hours of HR recording and 80 days in standby mode on just a single charge. The battery level indicator is visible directly in a Coro's watch and app, and a simple LED indicator on the device also indicates when it's time to charge. 

Rider wearing the Coros HR Monitor

The latest generation multi-channel optical sensor gives improved accuracy (Image credit: Coros)

Coros also states that an arm strap is easier and more convenient to wear than a chest strap with a soft fabric band that locks in place with a textured grip. A low-profile design is also claimed to prevent snagging on cycling kit.

The HR Monitor is also the first Coros product to allow for full independent use with any third-party Bluetooth device, such as the best cycle computers, GPS Watches, Indoor Bike Trainers, Zwift, Mobile Devices, and more. Data can also be handily stored on the HR Monitor for syncing later. 

Coros HR Monitor on a riders arm

The Coros HR Monitor can be used with third party Bluetooth devices (Image credit: Coros)

The Coros Heart Rate Monitor will initially be launched in the USA as from today priced at $79 / £69 with a launch date scheduled for Mid-September 2023 for the UK and Europe with EU pricing to be confirmed. More information on all Coros products can be found at

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