The new Focus Jam2 and Sam2 – major updates for both e-MTB bike ranges

Focus Jam2
(Image credit: Focus Bikes)

Focus was one of the first mainstream brands to jump on the electric mountain bike bandwagon launching the original Jam2 in 2016. It was one of the first bikes to feature proper integration of the battery and motor paired with a natural trail bike geometry that was fun to ride, which back then was a game changer. That fun feeling coupled with up-to-date tech has been a feature of the Focus range ever since. Multiple models from the brand feature in our best electric mountain bikes roundup and they've scored highly in previous tests – the latest models seem to continue that trend.

Focus Jam2 and Sam2

Smooth lines on the carbon 8 Series front triangle (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

Quite unusually, Focus is launching not one but three platforms at once, with the idea being that they cover a majority of riding styles to help you find ‘a love that lasts’. So first, there is the Jam2 – a 160mm front and 150mm rear travel trail bike in both carbon and alloy versions, and there's an all-new Sam2 enduro beast with 180mm travel up front and 170mm in the rear. Focus has stuck with its simple numbering system to help navigate the range. The 8 Series feature a carbon front triangle paired with an alloy back end, while the 6 Series are completely alloy throughout.

Focus Jam2 and Sam2

The new models feature a neat slide-out battery (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

All three platforms run the latest Bosch Smart system setup with a neat slide-out battery, bar the base alloy models running the full-size 750wh version. The rare Bosch performance line CX race motor even makes an appearance on the limited edition race-focused Sam2 and Jam2 6.0. As well as the motor system, the three models share some key features, such as a frame-fitting tool bag, adjustable headset cups, and plastic parts made from recycled materials. The shared recycled plastic parts are not only a greener option but they also helps limit the amount of different spares needed, making it easier to replace when needed.

Focus Jam2 and Sam2

All of the new models share recycled plastic proprietary parts  (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

They also all share the same suspension design, which is a significant departure from suspension offerings from Focus in the past. Despite confusingly using the same F.O.L.D (Focus optimized linkage design) tag as previous generations, it's now a true four-bar system and not a linkage-activated single pivot as previously used. This suspension design is widely used across multiple brands, providing a very active back end while giving designers plenty of scope to develop the ride characteristics they want.

Focus Jam2

The Focus Jam2 is a 160/150mm travel trail e-bike (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

Is the Jam2 still a recipe for success?

The Jam2 range consists of the new full alloy 6 Series and the carbon front triangle equipped 8 Series. Both share geometry and kinematics, with the Eight series offering a lighter and stiffer front end. Travel on the front has increased from 150mm to 160mm, and the rear has stayed at 150mm. All models are designed to run an air shock on the rear. 

Geometry-wise, the reach figure hasn't changed from previous versions, offering 485mm in a Large, but all now feature much lower standover height, so you can go longer or shorter depending on your preference without worrying that your bike will be too tall. The seat tube angle remains at a tech climb friendly 76.5 degrees while the head angle has been reduced to 64.5 degrees (adjustable to 65.5 with the change of headset cups), which should provide a balanced trail bike for a wide variety of terrains.

Focus Jam2

The Jam2 now comes with a four-bar linkage suspension platform (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

Spec-wise, the Jam2 range covers a broad range to suit most e-MTB riders, from the 6.7 alloy version with a 625wh battery and RockShox Gold suspension up to the limited edition carbon 8.0 version with the Bosch CX race motor and Fox factory suspension. However, the range highlight for us is the 6.9 alloy bike, which looks to be the perfect blend of spec and cost as it features Fox Factory suspension, DT Swiss hybrid e-MTB wheels, and a Shimano XT drivetrain.

Focus Sam2

The Sam2 6.9 features Fox Factory suspension  (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

Sam2, the Jam2’s big brother

The Sam2 is the longer travel enduro-based bigger brother to the Jam2 with 180mm of travel up front and 170mm of coil-shock plushness in the rear. Geometry-wise, as you'd expect, it's a longer, slacker machine with a reach figure of 495mm in size Large and an adjustable super stable head angle of either 63.5 or 64.5 degrees. It also features a steep seat angle of 77.5 degrees, designed to help riders find grip while seated on the steep technical climbs often found on the fast-growing e-MTB enduro race scene.

Focus Sam2 detail

An innovative offset shock position to enable the use of any coil-rear shock  (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

The Sam2 range consists of four models starting with the 6.7 model with the 625wh battery, and a mix of RockShox and Suntour Durolux forks up to the full race spec 6.0 limited version featuring the Bosch CX race motor and Fox Factory suspension. The 6.8 is a fantastic option for the more budget-conscious gravity rider, offering Fox 38 forks coupled with a rear coil shock that should be perfect for big days out, bike parks, and gnarly days out in the mountains.

Both bikes are available in limited numbers now. For more information, head over to

Focus Sam2 shock detail

A close-up detail of the offset rear shock  (Image credit: Focus Bikes)

Focus Jam2 pricing and weights 

  • Jam2 6.9:  £6499 / €7399 25.7kg (medium frame)
  • Jam2 6.8:  £5699 / €6499 25.5kg (medium frame)
  • Jam2 6.7:  £4899 / €5499 24.9kg (medium frame)
  • Jam2 8.0:  £7799 / €8899 23.4kg (medium frame)
  • Jam2 8.9:  £6999 / €7999 23.6kg (medium frame)
  • Jam2 8.8:  £6199 / €6999 24kg (medium frame)
  • Jam2 8.7:  £5299 / €5999 23.7kg (medium frame)

Focus Sam2 pricing and weights

  • Sam2 6.0: £7699 / €8699 26.4kg (medium frame)
  • Sam2 6.9: £6999 / €7899 26.6kg (medium frame)
  • Sam2 6.8: £6199 / €6999 26.7kg (medium frame)
  • Sam2 6.7: £4899 / €5499 25.4kg (medium frame)
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