Trek teases a new e-MTB claiming it to be 'dawn of a new era'

New trek eMTB
(Image credit: Trek)

Trek is teasing us with a new e-MTB and what it is claiming to be the 'dawn of a new era'. In an Instagram post and story, Trek plays with our emotions showing us a silhouetted bike but offering very few giveaways as to what we should be expecting from the brand's upcoming best electric mountain bike.

The silhouette shot itself shows a very slimline bike that on its own is very hard to distinguish as an e-MTB. Luckily the below Insta story clears that up so we at least know something.

With such a slimline downtube we can assume this isn't going to be another 900wh battery behemoth. That means it looks like Trek is going down the low-power but lightweight and efficient style e-MTB, similar to the likes of Specialized Turbo Levo SL or Orbea Rise.

If we look at both these existing bikes, and consider the riding that a lightweight e-MTB would be best suited to, we can assume that this new Trek will likely aim to compete with these bikes. Both the Specialized and Orbea feature 150mm of travel so it will be interesting to see if Trek will stick to the same or opt for a different amount of travel. 

New trek eMTB

(Image credit: Trek)

Considering almost all brands mirror their e-MTB ranges with their other bikes so there is a good chance it could be related to the Slash enduro bike, Remedy all-mountain bike or the Fuel trail/XC bike. 

Trek already has an outright XC e-MTB with the distinctive silhouetted E-calibre, it also already has a big travel enduro e-MTB in the Trek Rail so it would be surprising if these were getting superseded. Finally, Trek‘s Powerfly takes on more of a pootling around the hills approach to mountain biking than the sendy riding photo Trek has leaked alongside the bike pic. 

New trek eMTB

(Image credit: Trek)

Our money is that it will be either a Remedy or Fuel inspired bike but considering the new bike has considerably swoopier frame shapes than either of these existing models it's hard to speculate. With our best pixel peeping, we can't even determine for sure whether it's a full 29er or mullet.

Trek currently uses motors from Bosch and Fazua on its e-MTB's. Considering Fazua is already a lightweight motor system, and is the one used on the XC E-Caliber, we would guess that will be the motor that Trek will use on this new bike too.

What we do know for sure is that this supposed 'new era' will begin on the 12th July, so stay tuned to Bike Perfect for full details!  

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