Trials king Chris Akrigg is joining Whyte Bikes, will his influence affect their MTB line up?

Akrigg riding the Whyte E-160 RSX e-MTB
(Image credit: Whyte/Roo Fowler)

As one of the world’s leading trial bike riders and six times British champion, Chris Akrigg has made a career out of riding the seemingly impossible while making it all look smooth and effortless. From trail bikes to fixed gear, to the best gravel bikes to hardtail mountain bikes, and beyond, he can do what looks impossible on just about any bike.

Since 2009 his ever-growing catalog of YouTube riding films span a wide array of bikes and terrain and have clocked up millions of views. Each one is packed full of jaw-dropping skills and inspirational riding wizardry, with a style and an outlook that’s all his own. 

With Akrigg recently leaving GT, Whyte Bikes have just announced that he will be joining the brand for 2023 and beyond. Renowned for making some of the best mountain bikes the British company is renowned for being ground-breaking with innovative designs across its range for over 20 years. 

Chris Akrigg with the Whyte Bike E-160 RSX e-MTB

Chris will ride the E-160 RSX e-MTB (Image credit: Whyte Bikes/Roo Fowler)

Akrigg will be riding the full range of Whyte Bikes and is particularly excited to get his hands on the e-MTB range at Whyte that includes its award-winning E-160 RSX e-MTB adding, “e-MTB is one of the most exciting things and I have a real passion for them, once I jumped on one for the first time, I was like wow, they’re really good fun, and then ask, right, what can this help me do? How can I make this my own? And I want to push it and make my bike do what other people can't."

Chris also spoke of his excitement on joining Whyte, “Getting onto Whyte this year has been the single most rejuvenating thing I've done for a long time, I’m excited about being a part of a British company that I’ve been a fan of since I was working in a bike shop back in the day."

Arkigg riding the Whyte Bike E-160 RSX e-MTB

Expect to see the entire Whyte Bike range getting the Akrigg treatment  (Image credit: Whyte Bikes/Roo Fowler)

Alongside the E-160 RSX, Chris will also ride more of the Whyte range including the award-winning trail hardtail, the 629. The versatile T-140 29 RS full-suspension trail bike, and its progressive rough gravel bike, the Gisburn, so we can expect to see them all getting some Akrigg-ed treatment very soon. 

Whyte’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Sartori, added, "We are so excited to welcome Chris to the Whyte family. As a British brand that’s all about thinking outside the box, he’s a great fit for us. He’s always stood out from the crowd and done things his way, riding at the cutting edge and forging his path. Now we’re excited about what we can do to push even more boundaries together.” 

To celebrate Chris joining Whyte, they have released a short film, Going Beyond, Chris Akrigg, in which riders can see Chris riding and learn more about what makes him tick. Check it out below and find out more on the Whyte range at Whyte Bikes.

Paul Brett
Staff writer

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