Vittoria Aggaro is a new mid-enduro tyre

Vittoria Aggaro has clever sipe and graphene technology
Vittoria now has a fourth tyre in its trail/enduro product line (Image credit: Vittoria)

Vittoria has added a new product to its tyre portfolio, offering aggressive trail riders a generous casing size with sub-1kg weight.

This new tyre is called the Agarro and it is what could be classed as Vittoria’s mid-enduro offering. Engineered with a tread pattern that allows for a blend efficiency and grip, the Aggaro features some interesting design details.  

Its leading-edge tread blocks are stepped to allow for low rolling resistance, while all contact ridges have sipes. Vittoria’s engineers are aware that additional sipes provide excellent traction security over rocks and roots, especially in damp conditions.

To optimise the influence of its sipes on the Aggaro, they are slit into different widths and orientations. Some of the Aggaro’s tread blocks feature vertical, horizontal or diagonal sipe patterns, depending on their location upon the tyre’s surface.

Vittoria’s second-generation graphene technology is also moulded into the Aggaro’s structure. The benefit of graphene is that is acts a dynamic filler material, occupying spaces between the tyre’s rubber molecules, and improving performance during terrain impacts, high-speed cornering or braking.

True to its targeting of the trail and enduro market, Vittoria has sized the Aggaro into four derivatives, with some very high-volume options.

The 27.5-inch Aggaros are available in 2.35- and 2.6in widths, with weight ratings of 850- and 940g. If you size those widths up to the 29er wheel size, the respective weights are 940- and 970g.

With 1kg being a specification ceiling for many riders considering an aggressive technical terrain tyre, Vittoria has been mindful of delivering at appropriate sizes – but below the 1000g mass grading.

With a relatively high thread-per-inch (TPI) rating of 120, these new Aggaro tyres are constructed to have significant puncture resistance to sidewall cuts.

Vittoria has confirmed a price point of £59.99 for its new Aggaro mid-enduro tyre.


Lance Branquinho
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