Wahoo X releases virtual gravel, outdoor workouts, and voice chat

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Numerous updates to Wahoo's Wahoo X subscription service have been announced. They include voice chat and a new virtual gravel road for Wahoo RGT, as well as new structured workouts and training regimens for Wahoo SYSTM.

Additionally, Wahoo claims to have expanded its integration capabilities for users of its Elemnt bike computers, including the Elemnt Bolt V2 and Elemnt Roam.

Riders will be able to sync workouts with their bike computers to finish them outside thanks to this.

Wahoo X RGT Images

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Dunoon Crossover is the newest Real Road to be added to Wahoo RGT, Wahoo's virtual indoor cycling software, and it is the company's first push into virtual gravel riding and mountain biking.

This updated route adds singletrack off-road sections with resistance changes according to the various ride surfaces and is based on a real-world riding location in Dunoon, Scotland.

Wahoo claims that when looking to attack or overtake during a ride, riders will now need to pay attention to the simulated road surface.

Wahoo X RGT Images

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Additionally, Wahoo has revealed that voice chat is now available on the Wahoo RGT app, enabling in-game players to converse with one another while riding.

As Wahoo notes, this capability has a variety of potential applications, from straightforward social communication among cyclists in a group to a sort of "race radio" in virtual races.

It's a feature that Zwift blatantly lacks, one of Wahoo RGT's main competitors, where riders may only connect in-game through written messaging.

Since small talk and excuses for mediocre performance are essential to the realism of any group ride or race, the ability to converse with other riders is crucial.

Wahoo X RGT Images

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Subscribers will now be able to sync structured exercises from Wahoo SYSTM with Wahoo Elemnt bike computers, according to Wahoo, for individuals who want to mix their indoor training with outside activities. 

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On Location Portugal, a new set of exercise films situated (as the name suggests) in Portugal and delivered by Mike Cotty, founder of Col Collective, is another addition to Wahoo's SYSTM training and video library. 

Wahoo X's all-in-one membership that bundles together both training apps, Wahoo X SYSTM and Wahoo X RGT is available now with a free 14-day trial at Wahoo.

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