Watch Danny MacAskill's latest video 'Postcards from San Francisco' – his most challenging project yet

Danny MacAskill riding along a chain with Golden Gate Bridge behind
(Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)

Danny MacAskill as a professional Santa Cruz mountain bike rider has never been one to shy away from a challenge. He's a YouTube pioneer of nail-biting, heart-in-your-mouth films and loves nothing more than tackling some of the world’s most technical terrains. 

His film 'The Slabs' shot on his home island of Skye has had an incredible 3.5 million views on YouTube, and sees Danny riding his mountain bike down the Dubh Slabs, a 500m drop of exposed and seemingly unrideable slabs of rock, usually reserved for climbers and mountaineers and where the consequences of his tyres veering even a millimeter offline could result in serious injury or worse. 

In Danny's latest film 'Postcard from San Francisco', the Red Bull athlete continues to raise the bar as he put his body on the line once again to create arguably his best riding edit to date.

Taking us back to where it all started in 2009 with a pure street riding film, he's a long way from his quiet hometown on the Isle of Skye. As we are treated to a unique journey through the Hollywood blockbuster movie set that is the city of San Francisco. 

With the backdrop of instantly recognisable landmarks and architecture like The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and the streets of Chinatown, Danny Macaskill reinterprets the cult status city in what he describes as his most challenging project to date, as he pushes the boundaries of the sport.

Danny MacAskill back flips his mountain bike in San Fransisco

MacAskill as a professional mountain biker has never been shy of a challenge (Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)

“Postcards from San Francisco is a true passion project of mine, it reflects pure hard riding that no practice prepares you for. Some of the stunts you see have taken over 300 attempts to land perfectly and the clock was ticking for filming permissions at some of the key locations, so you know, no pressure.

Danny MacAskill riding his mountain bike in San Francisco with Alcatraz in background

Some stunts took over 300 attempt's with the clock ticking on filming permissions (Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)

"The idea to make another proper street riding film that tipped a hat to my first street film 'Inspired Bicycles' has been in mind since 2016, but injuries and rehabilitation have kept it on the back burner. I had to step up my game for such a cool city as San Francisco and the crew and I had some high aspirations for this one." he told Red Bull Content Pool.

Danny MacAskill back flips his bike in Alcatraz exercise yard

MacAskill making his breathtaking stunts look effortless (Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)

'Postcards from San Francisco' sees Danny at the absolute pinnacle of his riding abilities and he stops at nothing to perfect the impossible and pushes the limits of what he can achieve on two wheels, with arguably some of his greatest-ever feats on the bike, making the breathtaking stunts look effortlessly smooth with his mind-boggling skills at the forefront.

MacAskill forward flips through the streets of San Francisco

Danny and the crew had some high aspirations filming in San Francisco (Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)

Watch 'Postcards from San Francisco' and Danny Macaskill’s outstanding bike handling skills right here, or at Red Bull Bike YouTube with a behind-the-scenes series coming soon on Red Bull TV.

Danny MacAskill riding his bike through Chinatown, San Francisco

Danny rides through instantly recognisable landmarks like the streets of Chinatown and Alcatraz Island (Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)
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