Watch incredible footage of Kade Edwards at Red Bull Hardline – shot by a drone in just one take!

Kade Edwards whips a massive jump at Red Bull Hardline
Kade Edwards whips a massive jump at Red Bull Hardline (Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)

Red Bull has linked up with the Dutch Drone Gods team and Kade Edwards to capture a unique single-shot run of the Red Bull Hardline course, one of the most technically challenging downhill courses in the world.

Drones are becoming a common tool for mountain bike videos, offering unique points of view that would be otherwise impossible to capture. The most notable drone use is the recent introduction of drone footage during the World Cup downhill mountain bike live coverage.  

Rather than just focusing on one section of the course, the aim of this project was to create a unique top-to-bottom continuous shot of the Hardline track giving us a new perspective of features like The Cannon, Step Up, Road Gap, and the massive new doubles.

Of course, there was only one rider for the job. Red Bull athlete and bike handling extraordinaire Kade Edwards is the perfect man for such a run thanks to his blistering speed and effortless style.

Drone pilot, Ralph Hogenbirk said: “This was a major project and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’ve loved watching Red Bull Hardline over the years and knew this would be the best way to showcase the sheer skill of the riders. Kade’s speed certainly didn’t make it easy for me though, I had to really push the envelope to keep up with him all the way down"

It was a difficult operation to capture a single continuous clip, requiring a three-man team to help pilot the drone. The team included an FPV drone pilot, a Mavic drone operator for the signal relay, and a signal stability spotter in order to deal with long distances, navigate the tight technical forest sections, and changeable weather, all while capturing every moment of Kade's run.

The resulting clip shows the raw talent required to navigate such a challenging course with the picturesque backdrop of the Dyfi Valley.

Kade Edwards drops off a rock at Red Bull Hardline

The track is a mix of huge jumps and super technical features (Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool)
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