Wattbike launches the ‘Get 10% fitter, Guaranteed’ campaign that money-back guarantees an improvement in fitness

Female training using a Wattbike
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For over 20 years, Wattbike has been dedicated to creating the best indoor training bike possible. With advanced technology, Wattbike can measure every pedal stroke and revolution with exceptional precision, which provides quick and accurate insights to help users maximize their workouts. Wattbike recently launched the Wattbike Hub+, a subscription version of its training app aimed to deliver class-leading workout customization, deeper integration with third-party apps, and exclusive training content.

Wattbike has now launched the ‘Get 10% fitter, Guaranteed’ campaign as part of the brand's continued commitment to support its community to make meaningful fitness improvements. The campaign is centered around monitoring, testing, and improving an individual rider's cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) score which is a reliable and trusted measure of physical fitness and health. They say CRF testing helps determine how efficiently your body can transport oxygen to the areas that need it most, providing insight into the functional capacity of your respiratory, cardiovascular, and skeletal muscle systems. 

More importantly, research has also shown that by improving CRF score and in turn VO2 Max, it has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and other health conditions, whilst improving ‘active life’ expectancy. Wattbike also says that studies have shown even a small one-point increase in VO2 Max gives an extra 45 days of 'active life’ and an eight-point increase in your VO2 Max gives an extra one year of ‘active life’. 

Screen view of the new Wattbike Hub+ app

Wattbike Hub+ allows you to create your own workouts and training plans (Image credit: Wattbike)

The Wattbike 10 percent fitter guarantee is based on a three-step process, of test, train, and test again. Users will be required to complete the Health Assessment Submax Test on the Wattbike Hub training app which will give users their CRF score. They will then have to complete the 13-week Health & Fitness Training Plan (specific to their CRF score and fitness level), and then take the test again to see their CRF score improvement. 

To encourage new users to focus on their fitness, Wattbike is offering a ‘money-back guarantee’ for new purchasers who do not see the ten percent fitness improvements after following the 13-week plan, as well as a £250 saving off the RRP and a free Polar Heart Rate strap (£76 RRP) with their Wattbike Atom purchase. 

Female training using a Wattbike and Zwift

Wattbike can also be used with Zwift (Image credit: Wattbike)

Eddie Fletcher, Wattbike Sport Scientist said: “Looking after the health and fitness of our community is our number one priority, to better protect against life-threatening diseases and live longer, it’s crucial to quantify and measure physical health. About a decade ago, we developed a user-friendly, accessible, and accurate test called the Health Assessment Submax Test which provides individuals with their CRF score and predicted VO2max, offering valuable insights into their current health and fitness levels. It’s a useful test as it will also estimate other metrics like MMP (maximum minute power) and estimated MHR (maximum heart rate) which will be used to create your training zones for the training plan."

For more information and full terms and conditions visit wattbike.com.

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