We're hiring! Fancy a job working here at Bike Perfect?

YT Capra Core 2 alloy
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Bike Perfect has quickly become one of the leading authorities in off-road bike buying advice. We’re looking for a talented and enthusiastic staff writer to help us grow our audience with engaging articles that inform and inspire our readership.

As Staff Writer, you’ll be responsible for writing copy with an off-road focus. While your primary role will be generating news, how to articles, features and buying guides, you’ll also be tasked with reviewing products when required.

You’ll need to be able to come up with interesting, relevant and useful content ideas that work well in a digital space, and of course, possess top notch writing skills and be able to generate multiple articles per day.

An eye for detail is vital too, as you’ll not only need to ensure that your own work is accurate in every respect, but you’ll be asked to sub-edit work from your colleagues and freelancers.

While you’ll have plenty of support and training here at Future, a sound working knowledge of SEO would be an advantage. You’ll also need excellent organisational skills as you’ll often be working on multiple overlapping projects at the same time.

As well as working at the cutting edge of bike journalism, as a Future employee you'll be eligible for training, worker benefits, a competitive wage and more.

If this role sounds of interest and you think you fit the bill, click here for additional info and how to apply.

Richard Owen
Editor, Bike Perfect

Rich has been riding mountain bikes for over 30 years and mostly likes hitting flowy yet technical trails that point downhill. A jack of many trades, he has competed in cross-country, enduro and long distance MTB races. A resident of North Devon, Rich can mostly be found pedaling furiously around his local trails, or slightly further afield in the Quantocks, the Mendips or Exmoor. 

Current rides: Merida One-Forty 6000, Banshee Paradox

Height: 175cm

Weight: 68kg