Wolf Tooth Plier is an innovative 8-Bit multitool for trailside repairs

8-Bit Pack Pliers
(Image credit: Wolf Tooth)

Wolf Tooth has released a set of 8-Bit Pliers, which allow riders to make repairs on the side of the trail or the road. 

Eight attachments are integrated into the handle of a master link plier, held in place by magnets, which can then be fit into the pliers' swivel head to be used. The attachments include a spoke wrench, valve-core wrench, flathead, Phillips head, 2-6mm hex keys, and a T10 and T25 Torx. There's also a valve cleaning rasp to dislodge any stuck tire sealant. 

To use the tool, the swivel head can be angled to provide torque, and when the swivel head is unbent it acts as a screwdriver. 

Plus, the pliers can be used to install or remove a master link or a valve stem. There is also enough storage space inside the pliers to keep a spare master link.

The new 8-Bit Pack Pliers were inspired by the brand's existing Master Link Combo Pack Pliers, which can be used as a tire lever, valve core remover, and of course master link remover or installer. The primary difference is that the new 8-Bit model is more comprehensive and features the integrated tool heads, so it can therefore be used for more repairs. The Master Link Combo Pliers costs $32.95 / £36.00. 

Both the 8-Bit Pack and Master Link Combo Pliers are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and are made in the United States. 

Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pack Pliers retail for $69.95 / £76.00 and are available now in multiple different color options. 

Ryan Simonovich

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