Woman chased by a pack of wolves escapes on her e-MTB

A pack of wolves
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Marie Schmidt, from Ebbingen, Germany was on her way to work riding what is now her favorite electric mountain bike, when she became aware of horses acting nervously in a field near the cycle path. 

The section of the 161-cycle path was in and around a small forest, and as a horse owner Marie began to wonder what was spooking them so much. She then noticed what she thought was a small dog, running beside the fence near the cycling path, however, once it got closer she was shocked to see that it was in fact a wolf showing keen interest in her and it wasn't alone.

She told Kreiszeitung.de that as the pack closed in she began to panic and started pedaling as fast as she could. With wolves capable of running flat out at speeds of around 35mph, and e-MTBs in Germany limited to just 15.5mph, her quick thinking allowed her to switch from eco mode to extended boost mode. Boost mode is usually used for engaging maximum power to give e-MTB motors extra acceleration for tackling steep climbs or powering over obstacles as required, but on this occasion the function may have done way more for Marie.

Bosch CX motor

German engineering when you need it most on an e-MTB (Image credit: Bosch)

The kick of power gave her the quick acceleration to cycle away from the three wolves on her tail and as she approached the town she works at, they gave up the chase and headed back into the forest. Marie added, "I was yelling at them but they kept up the pursuit, they came within four or five meters of me I could see them closely and hear their breathing.” And added, "My e-MTB is perhaps my lifesaver? I have no idea how the encounter with the three wolves would have ended if they had reached me."

It sounds as though Marie has had a lucky escape from the wolves and her quick thinking got her out of a sticky situation. Our colleagues at Advnture.com first reported Marie's story in English and they also have advice on what to do should you find yourself confronted by a wolf either on foot or mountain bike. Whether or not the advice is from experience is up to you to decide.

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