Zipp releases 3Zero Moto wheelset and ZM2 hubs

Zipp 3Zero Moto wheels
(Image credit: Matt Wragg)

Zipp has launched a new wheelset and hubs meant for enduro and trail riding. The 3Zero Moto wheelset and ZM2 hub set feature a smooth, compliant ride with more engagement in the hub. The new products are race-tested in the Enduro World Series and are also compatible with e-MTB riding. 

The 3Zero wheelset takes inspiration from off-road motorcycle riding as well as running to create a new carbon mountain bike wheel design that's available in both 29er and 27.5-inch variations. 

Zipp uses what it calls 'Moto Technology' to create a single wall rim that's durable and compliant. At the center of this technology is a concept called 'ankle compliance.' When a runner rounds a corner, their ankle naturally flexes the provide grip. This is what Zipp's rim design does.

The rim can bend locally, meaning that theoretically, the wheels will keep better traction on rough sections of trail rather than being bounced off line.

The wheelset is built around Zipp's new ZM2 hubs, which are also sold separately for riders wishing to build their own wheels. The hubs feature 12 pawls with 132 points of engagement as well as a more durable seal design.

The 12 pawls are set up as four groups of three pawls each. The groupings are staggered, which means that there are three pawls engaged at all times. In addition to a 33-tooth ratchet ring, making the hub is more durable and is suited for e-MTB use.

The wheels weigh 1965g for a 29er and 1875g in 27.5-inch. The hubs can be used with SRAM or Shimano driver bodies, use Boot standard, and use a 6-bolt brake mount.

Ryan Simonovich

Ryan Simonovich has been riding and racing for nearly a decade. He got his start as a cross-country mountain bike racer in California, where he cultivated his love for riding all types of bikes. Ryan eventually gravitated toward enduro and downhill racing but has also been found in the occasional road and cyclo-cross events. Today, he regularly rides the trails of Durango, Colorado, and is aiming to make a career out of chronicling the sport of cycling. 

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