100% Sling glove review – ultra-thin lightweight gloves

Lightweight gloves that feel like you are wearing nothing at all

100% Sling gloves with Bike Perfect recomends badge
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Bike Perfect Verdict

Superb bar feel and fit paired with ultra-light materials means wearing the 100% Sling gloves is as close to wearing no gloves at all


  • +

    Close comfortable fit

  • +

    Great bar feel

  • +

    Excellent ventilation

  • +

    Very lightweight


  • -

    Seams have some loose threads

  • -


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Not everyone likes wearing gloves when riding, whether it’s the loss of bar feel or simply suffering from hot hands in summer. The 100% Sling’s are ultra-light ultra-thin gloves that aim to give riders the benefits and protection of wearing the best mountain bike gloves whilst feeling like you aren't wearing gloves at all.

Is less really more though, I have been testing out the 100% Sling gloves to see how they perform.

100% Sling gloves showing both palms

The palm of the hand has perforations for breathability (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)

Design and Specifications

Every part of the Sling glove is focused on breathability, there's a perforated single-layer palm topped with a 4-way stretch woven material with laser perforations across the back of the hand and along the fingers. There is even a light perforated material between the fingers to make sure no airflow is wasted.

A low-cut elasticated cuff keeps the gloves in place and there is a silicone-gripped neoprene-feeling material on the inside of the wrist to make it easier when pulling the gloves on. 

The fingers have some metal thread so they work on touchscreens pretty well for mid-ride snaps and messaging needs, plus the 100% logo on the back of the hand is reflective if you need a little more visibility.

100% sells the Sling gloves in both women's and men's fits with S-XL and S-2XL respectively. Both genders have the same three colors to choose from; black, navy, and grey. If you want to feel the wind on your fingertips, the Sling’s also comes in a short-finger version as well.

100% Sling gloves details of vents on the back of the hand

Laser-cut vents give plenty of airflow across the back of the hand (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)


These gloves are seriously lightweight, the upper material is incredibly thin and stretchy helping pull the palm closer to the hand and stop any bunching. With such a thin material between your hand and the bar, it's unsurprising that the bar feel is superb. There are no grippers on the fingers although I didn't miss them and generally don't feel they make much difference when it comes to braking performance.

With all the perforations and laser-cut holes, the Sling’s are very breathable. Wave your hands around or experience a light breeze and you can instantly feel the cooling effects. If you suffer from sweaty hands or get caught riding in the rain the gloves also have a good wicking and drying ability, moving moisture away and letting it evaporate to assure you have a secure grasp of the grips. 

Lightweight gloves often struggle with durability and other than some fraying elastic strands between the fingers, my test samples are still in good condition. I haven't put the gloves to the crash test but considering most gloves don't survive sliding down a trail anyway it's not really something worth considering.

100% Sling gloves showing palm detail

Silicone gripped pull tab helps when pulling the gloves on (Image credit: Ruby Boyce)


The 100% Slings feel like you're wearing nothing at all, a real bonus if you struggle to wear gloves in hot weather or prefer not to ride in gloves but appreciate that you probably should for the added palm protection. The medium gloves are sized as expected to give a nice close fit with no bunching. My test gloves are still in good nick too and so far have no signs of holes or weak seams. 

The design and performance are very good, although the Slings are certainly at the pricier end of the spectrum compared to many other MTB gloves on the market. That said they are a worthwhile investment if you're on the hunt for a great pair of lightweight summer gloves.

Tech specs: 100% Sling gloves

  • Price: $39.50 / £34.99
  • Sizes: XS-2XL
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Grey
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