7mesh Thunder Pants waterproof pants review

Undoubtedly the best biking garment name ever, but do these premium Canadian wet weather pants do the job?

7mesh Thunder Pants
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

BikePerfect Verdict

Weird waist cut takes some getting used to and the cost is high, but foul weather performance, comfort and durability are absolutely outstanding. We can’t recommend them enough.


  • +

    Genuinely waterproof

  • +

    Brilliant fit

  • +

    Excellent breathability

  • +

    Seriously tough

  • +

    Work over armor

  • +

    Pulls over boots

  • +

    Adjustable vents


  • -

    High cost

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Test riding right through winter means pulling on ‘waterproof’ pants most days but still coming back damp and disappointed. The outstanding protection and comfort delivered by 7mesh’s Thunder Pants have been a proper foul weather game-changer since they arrived.

It’s worth warning you that first impressions might weird you out. With their scooped front cut and no fly or conventional front fastening, the Thunders look more like maternity wear than mountain biking gear. Cinch up the locking side straps over the stretch hip panels though and they stay snug and secure however many times you’re in or out of the saddle. 

Waterproof - but still smooth sliding - Vislon leg zips come right up over the knee so you can pull them on and off over boots, kneepads and even other pants. The bottoms of the legs use a neoprene-style fabric with a full Velcro wrap to seal over your boots/overshoes and keep them out of your chain. They’re pre-marked for cutting to the ideal length too. The side zips are also double-ended for venting or easy pad adjustment. There’s a phone-sized zipped hand pocket on the right side for essentials too.

7mesh Thunder Pants

The long zips minimise post ride muddy leg faffing, there are also trim marks on the inside for fine tuning the length (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

While the cost is very high, that gets you mountaineering quality Gore-Tex Pro 3L fabric throughout the pants too. With super tough 70D weight on the seat and upper leg wear areas and lighter weight 30D on the lower legs and waist. The result is the first pair of waterproof pants we’ve ever had that actually keep us properly dry, for hours at a time, however hard we pedal through rain, snow, mud, and sleet. They’re cut and breathe so well that it doesn’t even need to be that grim to grab them instead of less protective pants. They come in a wide size range from XS to XL with reflective detailing too.

While we were initially worried about trashing such an expensive pair of pants, they’re showing no signs of damage, delamination or wear despite intensive use for several months. We know of other pairs of Thunder Pants well into their second season of very heavy use that are still totally unscathed too. 7mesh also offers discretionary replacement if you ruin your kit within 30 days as well as low-cost repair or replacement options even after several years.

7mesh Thunder Pants

The Thunder Pants are reinforced where it matters although no fly is a little odd (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


Seriously expensive but a very worthwhile investment in next-level weather protection and comfort in grim conditions. We have ridden through the snow and sleet of the past week and won't be hesitating to grab the Thunder Pants for every forthcoming winter ride as well.

Tech Specs: 7mesh Thunder Pants waterproof pants

  • Price: $300.00 / £279.99
  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Weight: 310g (medium, some dried mud)
  • Color: Black
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